B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce

February 16, 2024 2024-05-23 11:12

Unizap.ai: It's Time to make B2B Better.

Unify, customize and modernize your B2B eCommerce with us. We can help you achieve growth and take your business to the next level.

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Streamline Operations & Boost Efficiency:

Empower Growth & Drive Sales:

Scale & Adapt with Confidence:

Win big at B2B Commerce


Streamline complex sales, empower buyers, manage bulk orders. Integrate seamlessly with your ERP & CRM.


Offer a consumer-friendly experience with secure payments, promotions, and mobile optimization. Leverage social commerce for engagement and sales.

B2X (B2B2B, B2B2C)

Create & manage B2X marketplaces, support diverse user groups & vendors. Offer flexible pricing & promotions, gain insights with advanced reporting.

Same Outside, Bigger Inside, It's time for B2B

Customer Segmentation

Craft personalized experiences for distinct buyer groups. Tailor pricing, product access, and promotions without the hassle of maintaining separate platforms.

Self-Service Ordering

Empower customers with a dedicated B2B ordering platform for easy order placement, reordering, and tracking.

Streamlined Enquiry Platform

Facilitate efficient handling of customer enquiries with automated workflows and real-time communication on WhatsApp.

Personalized Engagement

Deliver targeted experiences through seamless customer segmentation. Create personalized promotions and product recommendations based on buying behavior and preferences.

Digital Catalogue Automation

Streamline product information sharing with automatically generated digital catalogues accessible on any device.

Omnichannel Lead Management

Consolidate leads from Indiamart and other platforms for centralized management and efficient conversion.

Unified B2B Commerce Platform

Manage your entire B2B commerce lifecycle – marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and support – on a single platform.

Open API Integration

Seamlessly connect Unizap with your existing ERP, CRM, and other business systems for automated data flow and streamlined operations.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends through comprehensive reports and analytics to make informed decisions.

Automation on WhatsApp

Automate lead nurturing, order confirmations, and support interactions through a familiar and convenient channel for increased customer engagement.

Seamless Customer Segmentation

Target the right customers with the right message. Create personalized experiences and promotions for increased revenue growth.

Qualified Lead Generation

Leverage automated tools and targeted outreach via WhatsApp to generate high-quality leads that convert.

Customer Experience
Business Operations
Business Expansion

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Manufaturing and Industrial Goods

Streamline B2B Sales in Manufacturing. Personalize offers, boost discoverability & gain insights. Future-proof your brand.

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Unify your online & in-store channels for a flawless customer experience. offers omnichannel fulfillment, marketing automation & data-driven insights.

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Marketplace and Seller Management

Effortlessly manage your marketplace & boost sales. Unify inventory, manage orders, Make data-driven decisions.

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Unizap B2B Commerce FAQ

What makes Unizap.ai different from other B2B commerce platforms?
Unizap.ai stands out with its versatility and adaptability, catering to diverse B2B, B2C, and B2X markets. It offers features like quote-to-order management, self-service storefronts, marketplace creation, and advanced analytics, all on a scalable and secure platform.
Can Unizap handle complex B2B sales processes?
Absolutely! Unizap’s features like configurable quotes, negotiation tools, and approval workflows streamline even the most intricate sales processes.
How does Unizap.ai improve customer experience in B2B commerce?
With personalized storefronts, self-service options, and intuitive search tools, Unizap empowers buyers and fosters smooth interactions. Additionally, loyalty programs and promotions help build lasting relationships.
What about B2C functionalities? Can Unizap handle them too?
Yes, Unizap seamlessly integrates consumer-friendly features like secure payments, mobile optimization, and social commerce integration.
Is Unizap suitable for B2X (B2B2B, B2B2C) business models?

Unizap excels in B2X environments with its marketplace management tools, multi-tenant architecture, flexible pricing options, and advanced reports.

Can I integrate Unizap with my existing ERP and CRM systems?
Yes! Unizap offers open APIs and seamless integrations with various business systems for centralized data and optimized workflows.
Is Unizap.ai secure for my business data and transactions?
Absolutely. Unizap prioritizes security with robust measures protecting transactions and data.
How scalable is the Unizap platform? Can it grow with my business?
Unizap is built for scalability and adaptability. It can effortlessly accommodate your growing business needs and user base.
What kind of support does Unizap.ai offer?
Unizap provides comprehensive support, including implementation assistance, training, and ongoing customer service.
How can I learn more about Unizap.ai and see it in action?
Visit our website for detailed information and request a personalized demo to experience Unizap’s B2B magic firsthand!