Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce

February 16, 2024 2024-05-23 14:53

Unizap Headless: Commerce without limits

Take your eCommerce to the next level with Unizap headless. Create scalable and immersive experiences beyond the basics.


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Orchestrate seamless experiences across all your touchpoints - physical, digital, you name it. Unify inventory, orders, and customer data for a brand experience that's always on point.

Touch Every Point commerce

AI-powered personalization

Forget generic offers. Unzap's AI tailors product recommendations, deals, and content in real-time, boosting engagement and conversions like never before.

Get Selling commerce

Composable freedom

Let go of the rigid systems, build your dream commerce ecosystem. Integrate best-of-breed solutions for everything from merchandising to fulfillment, creating an agile and future-proof experience.

10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap: The Undisputed Market Leader for Fast Headless Commerce

Small Effort, Big Business

Own Your Commerce, Storefront: Design a storefront that creates an impact. Choose any front-end design of your liking, the sky is the limit!

Sell Everywhere, Seamlessly: Unizap provides a seamless shopping experience across all devices.

Future Proof Agility:
Unizap allows you to quickly respond to trends and customer needs by iterating and adding new features, keeping your store ahead of the curve.

Fast Sales, Vast Growth

Scale without limits: Unizap.ai can easily scale with its flexible architecture, allowing the front-end and back-end to adapt independently. It can handle explosive growth with ease.

Future-Proof Technology: Embrace tomorrow's technology today with Unizap's open and modular architecture and never get left behind.

All Hands on Business!: Unizap.ai's MACH architecture handles technical complexities, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Flexible Integrations, Faster Operations

Unify Your Ecosystem: Unizap seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, marketing automation, and other tools to create a unified and data-driven commerce experience.

Best-of-Breed Solutions: Leverage the power of the best tools in the industry, regardless of vendor, thanks to Unizap's robust API integrations.

Simplify Your Operations: Unizap.ai automates workflows, eliminates data silos, and streamlines operations for maximum efficiency.

Everybody wins with Unizap Headless.

Go Global, Sell Local

Managing local currencies and payment conditions is easy with Unizap.ai, enabling you to unlock new markets and supercharge your global presence without worrying about currency conversion.

Go effortless, Go direct

Challenge e-commerce giants with Unizap.ai's ONDC CONNECT, the Indian government's "Everyone's Commerce" initiative. Connect directly with over 50 crore Indian customers you never knew existed.

Go Mobile, Go Massive

We transform your website into a native Android and iOS app, boosting user engagement and building brand loyalty like never before.

Agile, Scalable & Secure

Design World-Class Storefronts

Unizap.ai allows you to create stunning and effective digital experiences with advanced features such as video banners, mega menus, and custom layouts. We handle the technical aspects, leaving you free to focus on building your brand. Your customers will enjoy a seamless experience across all devices, making it easy for you to sell products and services with confidence.

Design without limits, sell with ease, and focus on what matters most.

Peak Performance, Guaranteed

Unizap.ai provides a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that is designed to handle any traffic surge. With auto-scaling capabilities, your store can always stay up and running, no matter what. Our platform features multi-layer security measures to keep your data safe and sound, ensuring that you have peace of mind when operating your business online. So, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about technical issues.

Remember, with Unizap.ai, you can focus on the fireworks, not the firewalls.

Open Architecture, Endless Possibilities

Unleash the full potential of your store with Unizap.ai’s open architecture. With the ability to integrate with any system or app, you have the power to customize your store exactly the way you envision it.

Stay ahead of the curve and achieve limitless possibilities.

Marketing on Autopilot Supercharge Your Sales

Unizap.ai provides a set of automated marketing tools that can enhance conversions and enable your online store with intelligent marketing strategies. It offers features such as ONDC integration and Google Analytics insights that allow you to create targeted campaigns, upsells, and cross-sells with ease.

You can sit back, relax, and rely on Unizap.ai to take care of your marketing mix while you focus on celebrating. With Unizap.ai, you can say goodbye to flash sales that fail and hello to a prosperous online business.

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Design by experts

Build a high-converting eCommerce website expert design team. Increase sales with user-centric UI, SEO optimization, & data-driven.

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Unify your online & in-store channels for a flawless customer experience.Offers omnichannel fulfillment, marketing automation & data-driven insights.

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Compostable Frontend

Unleash the power of Composable Commerce Build a flexible, scalable ecommerce store. Faster time-to-market, reduced costs & omnichannel mastery.

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Unizap Headless Commerce FAQ's

What is headless commerce, and why should I consider it?
Headless commerce decouples your storefront’s design (front-end) from its core functionality (back-end). This offers unmatched flexibility, omnichannel mastery, and faster innovation compared to traditional platforms. Unizap.ai empowers you to embrace all these benefits without the technical headaches.
What are the limitations of traditional commerce platforms?
Traditional platforms often limit design freedom, struggle with consistent omnichannel experiences, and hinder agility. They might not integrate seamlessly with other tools and can pose scalability challenges during growth.
Can I use any design framework with Unizap.ai?
Absolutely! Unizap.ai’s open architecture allows you to choose any front-end framework, giving you complete control over your storefront’s look and feel.
How does Unizap.ai help me deliver seamless omnichannel experiences?
Our API-first approach ensures consistent branding and functionality across all your sales channels, whether it’s your website, mobile app, or even emerging platforms.
Is going headless complex and time-consuming?
Not with Unizap.ai! We offer pre-built components, easy-to-use APIs, and expert support to make your headless transition smooth and efficient.
What are the benefits of Unizap.ai's MACH architecture?
MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. This modern architecture ensures flexibility, scalability, and future-proofs your store for evolving technologies.
Does Unizap.ai integrate with my existing tools and technologies?
Yes! We offer numerous out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework, allowing you to connect your CRM, marketing automation, and other essential tools for a unified ecosystem.
How does Unizap.ai handle security and compliance?
We take security and compliance very seriously. Unizap.ai adheres to industry-leading security standards and offers various features to ensure your data and customer information are always protected.
What kind of support does Unizap.ai offer?
We provide comprehensive documentation, developer resources, and dedicated customer support to ensure your success throughout your headless journey.
I'm interested in learning more. What's the next step?
Visit our website to explore our resources, request a demo, or contact our sales team. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and show you how Unizap.ai can help you unlock the full potential of headless commerce.