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Everything you need to grow your Food Business and then some. helps you build a Food eCommerce Website with features like Hyperlocal delivery integration, real-time order tracking, flexible menu management, and multiple payment options. It has everything you need to grow your Restaurant or QSR business.

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Hyperlocal Delivery in Minutes

No more "hangry" customers. We connect you with 30+ hyper-local delivery partners for piping hot food, delivered fresh!

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Effortless Orders, More Sales

From mobile magic to smart menus, Unizap makes business easy. Give your customers the Michelin-started experience they deserve.

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Your Brand, Their Love Affair

Build loyalty with a rewards program, offer dine-in & pickup options, and tell your story. Plus, personalized recommendations keep them craving more.

10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap: The Undisputed Market Leader for Food & Beverage Operations Online

Become a Culinary Concierge

Mobile-First Feasting

Hungry customers deserve convenience. Unizap's mobile-optimized platform lets them order on the go, browsing menus, customizing orders, and checking out in a flash.

Frictionless Ordering & Streamlined Payments

No more abandoned meals! Unizap's user-friendly interface makes ordering a breeze, with secure and efficient payment options to keep customers coming back for seconds.

Integrated Hyperlocal Delivery Partners

Unleash the power of hyperlocal delivery! We connect you with over 30+ delivery partners, ensuring piping-hot food reaches your customers in minutes, not hours. Win them over with lightning speed.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Transparency builds trust. Unizap provides both you and your customers with real-time order tracking, ensuring a smooth and stress-free delivery experience.

Master Your Menu with AI Magic

Smart Menu Management

Easily add, update, and categorize your ever-changing menu with user-friendly tools. Unizap keeps your offerings fresh and enticing.

Flexible Variations & Add-ons

Menu magic at your fingertips! Create mouthwatering variations of your dishes and offer enticing add-ons. Unizap's features help you increase cart value and turn first-time visitors into regulars.

Automated Order Management System (OMS)

Keep your kitchen running smoothly. Unizap's OMS centralizes orders, tracks inventory, and streamlines communication with chefs, ensuring a flawless dining experience.

AI-Powered Inventory Insights

Predict peak demand and optimize stock levels. Unizap's AI helps you avoid running out of those popular dishes, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more.

Transform Your Online Presence into a Foodie Paradise

Rich Product Content

A video goes a long way to create an immersive experience for your customers. Make your mouth watering dishes come alive with stunning food images, videos, and content that tempts customers to click "order."

Personalized Recommendations

Cater to individual cravings. Unizap's recommendation engine tailors suggestions based on browsing history and past orders, increasing average order value and customer satisfaction.

Pickup, Dine-In, Curbside, and More

Offer complete flexibility. Unizap empowers customers to order online for pickup, dine-in, curbside, or even schedule deliveries – all within the same platform.

Trusted Badges

Build trust and authenticity. Showcase trusted badges on your website, reassuring new visitors and giving them confidence that ordering from you is safe and secure.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty Like a Five-Star Chef.

Advanced Business Hours

Never miss a sale! Clearly showcase your operating hours with specific time slots for each day of the week. Take your store online or offline with a click, letting customers know exactly when you’re open for business.

Reward Beyond the Bite

Show your appreciation for every customer. Unizap allows you to award loyalty points for more than just ordering. This fosters a strong customer connection and keeps them coming back for seconds (and thirds).

Seamless Customer Support

Happy customers are loyal customers. Unizap provides robust customer support tools with multiple channels – whatsapp, email, and phone – ensuring you can address any concern promptly. Your eCommerce Ecosystem, Unified. Your eCommerce Ecosystem, Unified.


All The Features You Need.

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Launch your online grocery store. Effortless setup, smart inventory management, mobile-first design & built-in loyalty programs.

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Design by experts

Build a high-converting eCommerce website expert design team. Increase sales with user-centric UI, SEO optimization.

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Unify your online & in-store channels for a flawless customer experience.Offers omnichannel fulfillment, marketing automation & data-driven insights.

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5-Stars Guaranteed

Unizap spices up your online food game.

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Unizap Food Commerce FAQ's

Is Unizap easy to set up for my restaurant?

Absolutely! Unizap’s user-friendly platform gets you started quickly. Upload menus, photos, and set your hours in a breeze.

How can Unizap help me manage orders?

Unizap automates order processing, freeing you up to focus on creating delicious food. Say goodbye to paper chaos!

Does Unizap integrate with delivery services?

Yes! Unizap seamlessly connects with various delivery partners, offering your customers convenient delivery options.

How can Unizap make my food look irresistible?

Showcase your culinary creations with Unizap’s high-quality food photography feature. Make mouths water and orders flow!

Does Unizap help attract new customers?

Yes! Unizap personalizes recommendations based on customer preferences, enticing them to try new dishes and order more often.

Can I reward my loyal customers with Unizap?

Absolutely! Unizap allows you to create loyalty programs with points and rewards, keeping customers coming back for more.

How does Unizap handle online payments?

Unizap integrates with secure payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and safe checkout experience for your customers.

Does Unizap offer customer support?

Yes! Unizap provides robust customer support with multiple channels to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I manage my online menu with Unizap?

Yes! Unizap allows you to easily update your menu, add descriptions, and manage variations, keeping your offerings fresh and exciting.

Is Unizap secure for my business?

Security is a top priority! Unizap utilizes industry-standard security measures to protect your business information and customer data.