B2C Commerce 

B2C Commerce 

February 26, 2024 2024-04-05 11:41

Build your
B2C Unicorns and crush challenges with Unizap.ai

Say hello to the moments between ‘buy now’ and ‘delivered’, Unizap.ai puts the "you" in your e-commerce.

We reimagined the commerce platform by unifying what matters.

Leave the legacy code behind. Unizap.ai unifies all that matters - power, personalization, and ease - into one revolutionary e-commerce experience. 

Craft unique customer journeys, automate everything like a boss, and scale it as much as you like.

Ready to rewrite the rules? Let's go!

The answer is you: Power of Unizap B2C Commerce Personalization

Unizap B2C is not your typical e-commerce platform. It offers personalized experiences and encourages repeat business, all powered by AI.

Advanced Themes

Attract your target audience with our world-class, user-friendly themes that help you stand out from the competition.

Upsell & Cross Sell Magic

Boost sales by displaying personalized product suggestions based on customers' purchase history.

Collection Celebration

Create customized collections for any occasion, showcase sales, and delight your customers with a thoughtfully curated selection.

Dynamic Video Content

Today's online shoppers desire more than just a simple browsing experience. With dynamic video content, you can create an immersive and emotional showcase for your products on your online store.

Unizap B2C Commerce Marketing: Question the old rules.

Unizap B2C Commerce Marketing enables you to leverage "Every Marketing Trick in the Book", but with improved efficiency, all through the ease of Click and Automation.

Flexible Pricing

Consider offering your customers custom pricing models and loyalty programs to enhance their satisfaction and loyalty.

Bundled Products and Kits

To attract certain groups of customers, you can design personalized product bundles.

Social Commerce Integration

Unizap.ai empowers your business to integrate your store with social media platforms, such that you take power of Social Commerce and Influencer Partnerships to promote your brand.

Content Marketing

Attract and captivate your ideal audience with compelling and SEO-optimized blog content. Unizap's intuitive dashboard helps you to write, publish and manage blogs in one place.

Why Choose Unizap B2C Commerce?

Unizap gives your website the power to be a "Somebody" from "nobody.


Gain a competitive advantage with real-time insights that allow you to efficiently analyze and conquer complex data. Our simplified dashboard provides accurate and up-to-date information to keep you informed at all times.


Ditch the checkout hassle with multiple payment options including cash on delivery, guest checkout for impulsive buyers, and speedy order fulfillment. Additionally, our smart inventory management system ensures that you're always stocked up and never stuck.


Dream big and scale with us. Secure with SSL, easy to use and perfect integrations with open API. Set up, launch, conquer - it's that simple!

From Clicks to Customers

You lead, and we're right beside you. We offer world-class technology and agile marketing services. Both are checked off our list, ready to help you succeed.

Setting new standards

We help you build a different kind of a Website. Your Kind.

Next generation Integrations. Now.

You have your heart in the right place, our technology.

Tired of feeling trapped in a closed ecosystem? Unizap D2C Commerce smashes those walls with a super-flexible API. Think of it as your magic key to a world of possibilities.  With Open API you can Integrate anything, anytime. 

Expand Reach by 30%

Unizap's AI-powered smart marketing tools empower you to unlock new markets and attract diverse audiences, personalize your approach, and optimize for success – all within a single, intuitive platform.

Reduce Operational Costs by 15%:

Streamline your workflow and eliminate manual tasks with automation and integrations with essential third-party solutions like payment gateways and shipping providers.

Boost Conversion Rates by 25%

Unleash the power of targeted marketing by seamlessly integrating your favorite marketing channels like Whatsapp API integration etc with Unizap D2C's open API.

Your business should be about You, Compose it your Way. The Right Way.

Ordinary doesn't get the glances. Move into the spotlight with our Future-proof, B2X-ready AI-Powered commerce platform. Build enterprise-grade experiences from merchandising to fulfillment. 

One online store, multiple markets. Here and ready, Unizap.

Are you ready for a boost?

Believe the hype. Switch to Unizap.

Build a Powerful AI-Powered eCommerce Website and give your customers a taste of unmatched comfort, security, and innovation.

Are you ready for a boost?

A Commerce solution that is Intelligent, Reliable, and Safe, - Always ready for business.

Don't drown in a sea of same-ness. Be a Unicorn in a Herd of Sheep. Create a pivotal moment for your business, by choosing unizap.ai today, a revolutionary way to B2C commerce.

AI-powered Product Recommendations

Offer personalized product suggestions based on individual customer preferences and browsing behavior.

Omnichannel Management

Create seamless shopping experiences across different channels like social media, marketplaces, and physical stores.

Predictive Analytics

 Leverage AI to predict customer behavior and personalize marketing campaigns for higher ROI.

Headless Commerce

Decouple the front-end storefront from the back-end system for greater flexibility and customization.

Marketplace Integrations

Sell your products on popular marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart or eBay to reach a wider audience.

Open APIs

 Easily integrate with various third-party applications and services to extend your platform's functionality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Inventory Management

Leverage AI to optimize inventory levels and prevent stockouts.

Real-time Order Tracking & Updates

Monitoring order status, shipping information, and customer updates in a centralized dashboard.

Customizable Storefront

Choose from a variety of themes and customizing colors, layouts, and branding elements.

Social Media & SEO Integration

Connect social media channels for customer engagement and optimizing store visibility with SEO tools.

Integrated Payment & Delivery

Accept payments securely through multiple reliable payment gateways & deliver your products anywhere, anytime. 

Secure Store Environment

 Provide a safe and trustworthy shopping experience with features like SSL certificates and data encryption.

ONDC Connect

Get automatically on-boarded on the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform. It's the future of India's Commerce Landscape.

Warehouse Management

Manage multiple warehouses efficiently with real-time inventory tracking and order fulfillment control.

Progressive Web Apps

Unizap's Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) transform your website into a lightning-fast, app-like experience. Engage deeper, convert faster, and work offline - all with zero friction.

MACH Architecture

Unleash the power of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture in your D2C journey with Unizap. This modern approach empowers you with Modular flexibility, API-driven freedom, Cloud-powered agility & Headless liberation.

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10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap :
The Undisputed Market Leader for D2C Commerce.

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What makes Unizap.ai different from other D2C platforms?

Unizap.ai combines power, personalization, and ease into a single platform, empowering you to create unique customer journeys, automate tasks, and scale effortlessly.

How can Unizap.ai help me personalize my customer experience?

Advanced AI features like personalized product recommendations, omnichannel management, and predictive analytics enable you to tailor your marketing and offerings to individual customer preferences.

Does Unizap.ai offer marketing automation tools?

Yes, Unizap.ai’s open API seamlessly integrates with popular marketing channels like WhatsApp, allowing for automated campaigns and increased ROI.

What are the benefits of Unizap.ai's MACH architecture?

MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture provides modular flexibility, API-driven freedom, cloud-powered agility, and headless liberation for a truly customizable D2C experience.

Can I sell on multiple marketplaces with Unizap.ai?

Absolutely! Unizap.ai integrates with leading marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, expanding your reach and customer base.

Does Unizap.ai offer inventory management solutions?

Yes, AI-powered inventory management helps optimize stock levels, prevent stockouts, and provide real-time order tracking and updates.

How can I customize my storefront with Unizap.ai?

Choose from a variety of themes and customize colors, layouts, and branding elements to create a unique and engaging online store.

Does Unizap.ai offer secure payment and delivery options?

Yes, Unizap.ai integrates with multiple reliable payment gateways and provides secure delivery options, ensuring a safe and trustworthy shopping experience for your customers.

Is Unizap.ai ONDC compliant?

Yes, Unizap.ai offers automatic onboarding on the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform, positioning you for success in the future of India’s e-commerce landscape.

Why choose Unizap.ai for my D2C business?

With its AI-powered features, MACH architecture, ease of use, and scalability, Unizap.ai empowers you to build a powerful and future-proof D2C platform, setting you apart from the competition and driving business growth.