Scan & Go

Scan & Go

October 11, 2022 2024-04-05 14:52

Scan & Go

Create a world class frictionless shopping experience for your customers with Unizap’s Flagship Scan & Go Feature.

The future of In-Store Shopping is here.

Use Unizap's Scan & Go feature to make ordering easy for your consumers. Customers can now pick, scan, and pay easily with their smartphones.


Gain Insights

In today's data-driven landscape, tap into the future by harnessing Scan & Go's capabilities to gain a deeper understanding of your clients, enabling you to elevate your service standards.

Significantly Boost Sales

Experience a substantial surge in revenue as Unizap's Scan & Go feature entices shoppers to increase their spending by an impressive 14-35%, ultimately achieving a remarkable 100% return on investment within a mere three months.

Efficiently Reduce Operational Costs

Optimize your business operations by strategically eliminating traditional checkout lanes. This not only saves valuable space but also enhances profitability, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective approach to success.

How Unizap Scan & Go work?


product barcode with
Unizap app

Unizap Scan App


with secure payment gateway

Pay via secure gateway


exit the store with your digital receipt

Order Placed

Scan & Go for business can increase your

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higher customer
retention rates

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higher lifetime

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store purchase

Scan & Go Features & Highlights


Sync Product Catalog & Order

It seamlessly synchronizes all product data from your ERP system with Unizap Cloud in real time via its open API and ready connectors, ensuring that scanned product information remains constantly up-to-date for the ultimate Scan and Go stores experience.

QR/Barcode Scanner

Given the ubiquity of smartphones equipped with cameras and internet access, Unizap's QR/Barcode Scanner empowers everyone to utilize their mobile devices for shopping at your store, unlocking a brand-new Scan and Go app shopping experience.

Promotions & Offers

Unizap App equips businesses with the power to leverage the Scan & Go solution for crafting personalized promotions and offers, making Scan and Go the go-to choice for savvy shoppers. Through the app, businesses can also capitalize on proximity-based services like in-app advertising, enhancing customer engagement with Scan and Go.

Multiple Payment Methods

Unizap offers users the flexibility to choose from a wide array of available payment methods, tailored to suit the unique requirements of each business, making Mobile Scan and Go a versatile choice.

Digital Receipts

Simplify and modernize your transaction process with Scan & Go by sending digital receipts, saving both time and money while eliminating the hassles associated with traditional invoices and paper receipts.

Your own Application

Elevate your brand with a white-labeled iOS and Android application, offering your customers a seamless Scan and Go stores shopping experience that aligns perfectly with your business.


What is Scan & Go?

Scan & Go, also known as Mobile Self-Checkout, is the link between physical and digital shopping. It helps provide customers with a smoother shopping experience by offering it in 3 simple steps. Scan the product which will directly get added to your cart and simply proceed for payment.

What feature does unizap provide in Scan & Go?

With the Scan & Go feature, customers no longer need to wait in long queues for the billing process. Instead, they can enter the store, open the Unizap customer app, easily scan the QR code of the products they wish to buy and make the payments themselves using any online payment method and leave with a digital receipt, hence, making the process easier than ever before.

Why should I add the Scan & Go feature to my store?

The Scan & Go feature provided by Unizap, boosts productivity and customer satisfaction. This feature helps you create a safe, frictionless shopping experience for your customers.

Does the Scan & Go feature in Unizap cost extra money?

No, the Scan & Go feature comes in along with the Enterprise Cloud Solution provided by Unizap.

Is the Scan & Go feature safe for my store?

The Scan & Go feature is an absolutely safe and frictionless process with multiple payment methods, digital receipts and a real-time catalogue sync feature which altogether provides a secure checkout.

What features are there in Scan & Go?

With Unizap’s Scan & Go feature, you can enjoy benefits like product catalogue sync, personalised promotions and offers, multiple payment methods, digital receipts and use a single customer app to welcome lakhs of existing Unizap customers to your store.

Does the Scan & Go feature require a customer app?

Yes, the Scan & Go feature can be utilised, only with the Unizap customer app, which comes in the premium plans.

Bring your in-store experience to the 21st century, eliminate queues and manage your space and staff effectively.