Get the best multistore eCommerce platform for your business

Get the best multistore eCommerce platform for your business

October 11, 2022 2024-04-05 14:58


Take your business a notch higher with our multi-store eCommerce solution

With the power of multi storefront, experience leading-edge eCommerce now

Ecommerce Multistore Front

What can our Multi-store eCommerce solution do for you?

D2C Ecommerce

Future Commerce is D2C

Embrace the dynamic landscape of eCommerce with D2C as the future! Enhance efficiency and reduce expenses by connecting directly with your customers through our multi-store eCommerce platform. Craft personalized shopping experiences with ease.

Distinguish Your Brand

One compelling incentive for adopting a multi-store eCommerce platform is to empower businesses operating under various brand names to establish distinct stores that truly reflect their brand identity. Are you seeking to establish a distinguished brand reputation? The solution is here.
Ecommerce Brand
Multistore Ecommerce

Tap into new markets

In the evolving landscape of cross-border eCommerce, more and more businesses are recognizing the significance of geographic diversification in their sales strategy. Our multi-store eCommerce platform empowers you to enhance data management, ensuring your market presence is unmistakably prominent through a unified framework.

Expand Your Customer Base

For sellers operating across diverse business verticals, creating distinct websites to tailor their offerings to specific audiences and provide exceptional customer experiences is paramount. Say goodbye to limiting your customer base. Reach for the stars with Unizap's multiple store eCommerce solution.
Target Audience

Grow your business

Expand your business in new regions, across different segments- all managed from one place.

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Better customer

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Expanded into undiscovered customer segments

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Hike in targeted marketing decisions

We got you the solution. Let's grow!

Quick Commerce Simplified
In today's fast-paced consumer landscape, speed is paramount. Quick commerce provides online retailers the means to compete with e-commerce giants. With the support of our multi-store eCommerce solution, we can expand your business's (USP), unlock new horizons, maximize sales, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
Handling Niche eCommerce Websites
Embrace the freedom to establish and manage specialized stores tailored to specific categories or promotions through our multi-store eCommerce solution. Instead of employing a one-size-fits-all approach, this empowers you to effectively segment your customer base and create strategies tailored to specific audience needs, including optimizing for search engines.
Geo-Fence for Store Service Area
Post-pandemic supply chain challenges have made prompt product transportation and delivery a complex task. Geofencing allows you to create virtual boundaries around physical locations. Utilize our multi-store eCommerce solution to alert local customers interested in specific products, enabling convenient delivery from the nearest store.
Manage Multiple Store Inventories
Effortlessly grow your sales and streamline inventory management and customer segment operations, all within a single Unizap dashboard through our multi-store eCommerce solution. This feature allows you to manage inventory across all your stores, catering to diverse audiences and regions while ensuring a consistent brand experience.
Hyper-local Delivery Integration
Deliver your products to customers with ease. Our platform integrates with 30+ delivery partners, facilitating lightning-fast local delivery within hours or even minutes. Impress your customers with hyper-local delivery integration that ensures swift service and satisfaction.


What is multi-store eCommerce solution?

The concept behind multi-store eCommerce solution is so that uniform selling businesses operating under multiple brand names can create unique stores to give their brand an identity. Unizap allows you to do that from one single dashboard.

Can you have multiple eCommerce stores?

Unizap is the only SaaS, no code Enterprise Grade Cloud Commerce Platform that provides its customers the perfect multi-store eCommerce solution. From managing different inventory at multiple stores to delivering products to your customers from the store nearest to them, everything can be done from a single Unizap dashboard.

How do I manage multiple online stores?

Unizap has made multi-store eCommerce solution simpler than ever. Get onboarded on Unizap and start selling from multiple online stores which you will now be able to manage from a single dashboard.

What is the best multi-store eCommerce platform?

Unizap is the only eCommerce platform which offers the best multi-store eCommerce solution to its users. From growing sales to streamlining the operations of managing different inventory and customer segments, Unizap provides it all.

Does shopify support multi-store eCommerce?

You can’t have multiple Shopify stores under one account, but with Unizap you will be able to manage all your stores under a single account. Register with Unizap’s Enterprise Cloud plan and get the perfect multi-store eCommerce solution right at your fingertips.

Make smarter decisions. Grow effortlessly with Unizap!