eCommerce Features for your online store

eCommerce Features for your online store

October 10, 2022 2024-04-25 12:42

A Game-changing commerce platform
Ai-powered features, all dedicated to your heightened success.

World-Class Storefronts

Mobile-First Design

Deliver an exceptional experience across all devices with our mobile-optimized platform.

Responsive Design

Your store automatically adapts to any screen size, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your customers.

Visual Page Editor

Build beautiful, customized pages with drag-and-drop ease, no coding required.


Choose from free and premium themes, or customize existing designs to perfectly match your brand.

Content Management System

Easily manage your website content, including product descriptions, blog posts, and more.

Integrated Blog Platform

Engage your audience and build brand loyalty with a built-in blogging platform.

Social Media Integration

Connect your store with social media channels to reach and engage your audience.

Advanced Customization

Customize headers, footers, and layouts to create a unique online store.

Product Pages & Listings

Showcase your products in detail with dedicated pages and visually appealing listings.

Customizable Header

Design your header to match your brand and enhance navigation.

Mega Menu Builder

Create an intuitive and user-friendly customizable menu for easy navigation.

Packaging & Tax Charging

Use the tax and packaging fees that your eCommerce website has previously specified, or specify the charges for particular products.

Hello Bar

Capture attention and promote important announcements with a non-intrusive hello bar.

Single Page Checkout

Streamline the checkout process for a faster and more convenient buying experience.

PCI-Approved Security

Ensure a safe and secure shopping environment for your customers with PCI compliance.

Global Omni-Channel Commerce Management

Global Inventory Management

Track and manage your inventory across international borders efficiently.

Multi-Language Support

Cater to a global audience by offering your platform in multiple languages.

Multi-Currency Support

Accept payments in various currencies for a seamless international shopping experience.

Multi-Channel Management

Sell across multiple platforms and channels for a unified customer experience.

Global Pincode Validation

Enhance customer experience with reliable address and delivery pin code verification.

Multi-Outlet Management

Manage and track sales across multiple physical store locations.

Multi-Store Management

Operate and manage multiple online stores from a single platform.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Optimize storage and fulfillment across multiple warehouses globally.

Multi-Staff Management

Assign roles and manage your staff effectively across different locations and departments.

Marketplaces Commerce

Sell where your customers are shopping by integrating with top marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Google Shopping.

Physical Commerce

Keep in-store sales automatically updated with integrated POS systems, and give your customers an express checkout option with our proprietary technology Scan & Go.

Social Commerce

Capture more customers on social channels with Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram integrations.

Ai Powered Order Management System

AI-Powered OMS

Leverage AI for intelligent order management, streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency.

Global Inventory Visibility

Gain real-time insights into your inventory across all locations.

Smart Stock Management

Predict demand, prevent stockouts, and optimize stock levels with intelligent tools.

Customer Insights

Gain valuable customer data to personalize their experience and improve overall satisfaction.

Strategic Shipping Strategies

Leverage AI to choose the best shipping options for cost-effectiveness and speed.

Payment Flexibility

Offer customers diverse payment options for a smooth checkout experience.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Manage order fulfillment efficiently with intuitive tools and workflows.

Agile Order Adjustments

Easily modify orders to address customer requests and maintain flexibility.

Seamless Seller Management

Manage your seller network effectively for a cohesive omnichannel experience.

Omni-Channel Support

Fulfill orders across various channels, ensuring consistent customer service.

Enterprise Cloud Scalability

Scale your platform seamlessly to accommodate growth as your business expands.

API-Enabled Integration

Connect Unizap with your existing business systems for a unified workflow.

Smart Catalogue Management System

Product Upload and Management

Dive into AI-powered database of over 250,000+ SKUs across diverse categories, or seamlessly upload your entire inventory in bulk using user-friendly CSV files. Effortlessly add & manage thousands of products, saving you hours of manual work.

Multi Layered Product Category

Unleash seamless product discovery and boost sales with's 3-tier category management. Customers navigate effortlessly, while targeted SEO and optimized inventory drive conversions. Organize brilliantly, engage deeply, and convert effortlessly.

Rich Product Content

Move beyond static images and unlock the full potential of rich product content. Craft captivating narratives with evocative language and compelling features, and immerse customers in stunning visuals. Dive beyond single photos with multiple angles, 360° views, and even engaging product video with

SEO Optimized Product Pages

Forget one-size-fits-all listings. In today's mobile-first world, you need product landing pages that captivate on every screen. empowers you to craft SEO-optimized masterpieces, ensuring every product shines in the search spotlight.

Smart Varient Display tool

One listing, infinite possibilities.'s smart variants display lets you showcase and manage endless options within a single product. Customers explore with ease, you manage effortlessly, and sales skyrocket.

Open API to connect Vital Systems

Unlock the seamless flow of product data across your entire commerce landscape.'s Open API effortlessly connects your catalog management with ERP, accounting, and beyond, bridging the gap for streamlined operations and maximized efficiency. Embrace a unified ecosystem for effortless control and growth.

Omnichannel Catalogue empowers you to consolidate product information from various sources into a single, unified platform. Manage your products effortlessly across all your sales channels, ensuring a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers.

Product Discovery Tools's dynamic combination of granular filtering, predictive search, and personalized recommendations empowers customers to effortlessly find what they crave, transforming your online store into a haven of convenience and satisfaction.

Predictive Search's discovery tools turn shoppers into loyal customers. Granular filters, predictive search, and personalized recommendations guide them to what they love, boosting conversions and building your thriving commerce ecosystem.

Bulk Management's bulk management lets you add hundreds of products in seconds with our intuitive CSV upload. Effortlessly now you can bulk update existing product parameters too. Manage inventory, prices, and more with ease, freeing you to focus on growth.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Product display

Add rich descriptions, multiple images, videos and more and update details depending on which variation of a product a user chooses

Catalog Intelligence

Define which products appear for customers, sellers, or both. Set up unique category trees for each 'storefront' experience

Automated Bulk Actions

Upload new products, update existing ones, adjust pricing, manage stock levels, and more – all at once for multiple products, saving valuable time and effort.

Coming soon & waitlist

Promote a forthcoming product in your store to build anticipation; turn on the waitlist feature for sold out products

Dynamic Product Discovery

Showcase relevant products to each customer, boosting engagement and conversions.

Advanced Backorder Management

Maintain customer satisfaction with transparent backorder communication and management.

Intelligent Stock Control

Prevent stockouts and optimize inventory levels with AI-powered insights.

Powerful AI-based Catalog Engine

Leverage AI to organize and optimize your product catalog for better search results.

Personalized Product Experiences

Curate personalized product recommendations and enhance customer journeys.

Automated Bulk Actions

Save time and effort with automated tasks like product uploads and updates.

Smart Variant Management

Create and track multiple variants on a single products; let users dynamically see which variation combos are in or out of stock.


Create specific bundled products for customers and consultants.

Unlimited products

Sell as many products and variants in your store as you wish.

Rich Product Description

Provide your customers with a dedicated page highlighting the key features and benefits of your product by which you can increase conversions and drive more sales. 

All-Mile Shipping & Delivery

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Sell online and choose the fulfillment method that suits you, whether it's in-store pickup, local delivery, or nationwide shipping.

All-Mile-Delivery Advantage

Reach customers near and far with our comprehensive delivery network, ensuring timely and efficient order fulfillment.

Multi-warehouse Support

Manage inventory across multiple locations, optimize delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction with ease.

Self-Delivery Control

Choose to fulfill orders yourself or leverage our extensive network of partners, offering complete control over the delivery experience.

Transparent Pricing

Get upfront and clear pricing information for various shipping options, allowing you to make informed decisions and build trust with your customers.

Open API for Integrated Delivery

Seamlessly integrate your preferred delivery partners with Unizap, streamlining your fulfillment workflows.

Automated Fulfillment

Automate routine tasks like order routing and label generation, saving valuable time and resources.

Customer-Centric Returns

Simplify return processes with flexible options and clear return policies, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

Seamless Express Checkout & Scan & Go

Offer convenient checkout experiences like express checkout and Scan & Go, allowing customers to purchase and pay quickly and effortlessly.

Scheduled Delivery Option

 Empower customers to choose their preferred delivery window, providing greater control and flexibility over their orders.

Advanced Delivery Control

 Set custom rules for deliveries, such as minimum order values or specific product restrictions, for optimal control.

Cross-border Fulfillment

Expand your reach beyond borders and tap into new markets with streamlined cross-border fulfillment solutions.

Location Verification

Allow customers to verify product availability and estimated delivery times based on their location, enhancing the shopping experience.

Native Payment Integration

Multiple payment channels

Accept UPI, COD, cash, cards, and more through integrated gateways, offering a variety of options for every customer.

Exclusive bank offers

Maximize your profits with pre-negotiated, competitive transaction rates from our partner solutions.

Stored credit cards

Save customer time and increase conversion rates by allowing them to store credit cards for faster checkouts and subscriptions.

Guest checkout flexibility

Cater to a wider audience by offering guest checkout options for a quicker and more convenient experience.

Secure transactions

Ensure the highest level of security with direct credit card tokenization by the merchant gateway, eliminating data storage risks.

Simplified tax compliance

Automatically calculate and apply relevant taxes on your products to stay compliant with tax regulations.

Price transparency

Choose to display prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes, providing clear information to your customers.

Razorpay - All-in-one platform

Accept, process, and disburse payments effortlessly with Razorpay's comprehensive suite of products.

Open API for POS integration

Seamlessly integrate Unizap with your existing point-of-sale system for a unified payment experience across all channels.


Customer segmentation

Craft personalized experiences for distinct buyer groups. Tailor pricing, product access, and promotions without the hassle of maintaining separate platforms.

Dynamic price lists

Offer custom pricing at the individual SKU level for specific customer groups, fostering stronger relationships and driving sales.

Self-Service Ordering

Empower customers with a dedicated B2B ordering platform for easy order placement, reordering, and tracking.

Streamlined Enquiry Platform

Facilitate efficient handling of customer inquiries with automated workflows and real-time communication on WhatsApp.

Personalized Engagement

Deliver targeted experiences through seamless customer segmentation. Create personalized promotions and product recommendations based on buying behavior and preferences.

Digital Catalogue Automation

Streamline product information sharing with automatically generated digital catalogues accessible on any device.

Omnichannel Lead Management

Consolidate leads from Indiamart and other platforms for centralized management and efficient conversion.

Unified B2B Commerce Platform

Manage your entire B2B commerce lifecycle – marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and support – on a single platform.

Open API Integration

Seamlessly connect Unizap with your existing ERP, CRM, and other business systems for automated data flow and streamlined operations.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends with comprehensive reporting and analytics to make informed decisions.

Automation on WhatsApp

Automate lead nurturing, order confirmations, and support interactions through a familiar and convenient channel for increased customer engagement.

Seamless Customer Segmentation

Target the right customers with the right message. Create personalized experiences and promotions for increased revenue growth.

Qualified Lead Generation

Leverage automated tools and targeted outreach via WhatsApp to generate high-quality leads that convert.

Marketing and Promotions

Create multiple promo codes

Design unique codes for categories, products, and shipping, offering full control over name and description.

Time-limited offers

Generate urgency with limited-time promotions based on specific dates or code availability.

Download promo code list

Generate and export large batches of promo codes in CSV format for easy management.

Multipurpose discounts

Apply codes to various aspects like shipping, entire orders, specific products, or even first-time purchases.

Limit code usage

Set redemption limits for each code or keep them open-ended for continued engagement.

Complex rule options

Define usage limits, compatibility with other codes, and eligible user types for precise control.

Track code usage

Monitor the performance of each code to refine your promotional strategies based on data.

Upsell products

Recommend relevant products based on customer preferences, increasing average order value.

Curate compelling collections

Create thematic collections for any occasion or need, highlighting specific products and running targeted promotions.

Run limited-time flash sales

Generate excitement with countdown timers and custom banners to encourage quick purchases.

Share store QR code

Generate a unique QR code for easy access to your store, share it with existing and potential customers across various channels.

Adwords conversion tracking

Target specific product keywords in limited-time Google Ads campaigns, maximizing return on investment.

Social feed exporter

Showcase your social media presence directly on your website, attracting new followers and driving traffic to your social media channels.

Customer segmentation

Create targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting customers based on attributes, buying behaviors, and predictive insights.

Advanced no-code landing page

Create professional landing pages for your marketing campaigns using pre-built templates.

Extensive store plugin library

Integrate various features like click-to-call, WhatsApp integration, Instagram Shop, Google Analytics, Google Maps, and many more.

Engaging store widgets

Display Facebook feeds, Instagram posts, customer reviews, chat options, contact forms, countdown timers, and more, directly on your website.

Product reviews & ratings

Leverage customer reviews, ratings, and pictures to build trust and encourage potential customers to purchase.

Store review & ratings

Encourage customer feedback by allowing them to rate your delivery and service, fostering transparency and improving brand reputation.

Trusted Badges

Choose from a wide variety of Security badges, Payment badges, Customer Satisfaction Badges, & other Industry-specific Badges to bolster trust and establish authenticity among your customers.

In-Dept Data And Analytics

Sales dashboard

Keep a pulse on your business with key metrics like best-selling products, top performers, abandoned carts, and checkout behavior across all channels.

Detailed reports

Generate in-depth reports on sales, orders, active users, and affiliate activity, all within customizable date ranges.

Export for further analysis

Export placed orders, user data, and affiliate data as CSV files for analysis in other tools.

Product analytics

Gain valuable insights into product performance for a lifetime, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Customer reports

Understanding customer journeys and behavior, including abandoned cart information, enables you to develop targeted marketing campaigns.

Inventory reports

Analyze inventory performance and make informed planning decisions with dedicated metrics.

Gross revenue

Track the total revenue earned on all completed orders.

Gross merchandising value (GMV)

Monitor the total merchandise value sold through your website over a specific period.

Average order value (AOV)

Understand the average value of orders placed on your website.

Profit reports

Access information about costs, margins, and overall profit to optimize your business strategy.

Pending orders

Keep track of unfulfilled orders to ensure timely completion and customer satisfaction.

Monthly leaderboard

Track your progress and celebrate success by seeing the top-earning sellers on Unizap.

Best of breed Technology

Unique instance per customer

Gain complete control with a dedicated Unizap instance tailored to your specific needs.

Deep API integration

Integrate seamlessly with any third-party system through Unizap's robust APIs, creating a truly connected and automated ecosystem.

MACH power

Unizap leverages the power of MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless)  ensuring modularity, flexibility, and scalability to meet your evolving business needs.

Modular flexibility

Enjoy the freedom to adapt and evolve your platform seamlessly as your business grows.

API-driven freedom

Experience unmatched control and customization through a comprehensive suite of APIs.

Cloud-powered agility

Benefit from the agility and scalability of cloud-based solutions.

Headless liberation

Design and deliver exceptional customer experiences across any device or touchpoint.

Always-on performance

Leverage the power and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a secure, scalable, and high-performance platform.

Dynamic scalability

Scale your infrastructure effortlessly to accommodate traffic spikes and business growth, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Multi-layered security

Benefit from the robust security measures built into AWS, safeguarding your data and customer information.

Isolated client infrastructure

Each client benefits from a dedicated and secure infrastructure environment.

AI-powered intelligence

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to automate tasks, personalize experiences, and gain valuable insights.

ReactJS for dynamic UI

Build visually appealing and interactive user interfaces with the power of ReactJS.

Java for robust backend

Ensure a strong and reliable foundation for your e-commerce platform with Java.

Future-proof platform

Benefit from the continuous innovation and security enhancements of a well-established open-source ecosystem & integration of multiple deep technologies like: Ruby on Rails, Angular, Node JS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis etc.

Streamlined development

Ensure efficient and reliable software development through CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Delivery) practices.

Automated code testing

We maintain high-quality code with automated testing throughout the development process.

Zero-downtime deployments

Experience seamless updates with rolling deployments that minimize disruption.

Progressive Web Apps

Provide your customers with an app-like experience directly through their web browser, increasing engagement and accessibility.

eCommerce Workflow Automation

Streamline your operations and enhance customer experience by automating repetitive tasks.