Live Commerce

Live Commerce

February 2, 2024 2024-05-23 14:44

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22 min.

Average session time

36% increase

Increase in add to cart rate

48% increase

Increase in engagement ratio

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Generate buzz with interactive reveals and exclusive offers. No more boring press releases – let the world see your masterpiece shine!

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Host clearance events with limited-time deals and influencer endorsements. Watch those dusty shelves clear faster than a magician's disappearing act!

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Build brand loyalty with exclusive experiences and personalized interactions. Make your customers feel like VIPs – because they are!

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Embrace the future of retail and differentiate yourself from the competition. Be the one everyone's talking about!

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Awareness to Action, Live makes that happen!

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Unizap Live Commerce FAQ's

How can Unizap help in live commerce?
Unizap is a leading eCommerce solution that comes with a live commerce feature, that empowers brands to sell directly to consumers through interactive video experiences.
What are the benefits of using the Unizap Live Commerce feature for my D2C store?
Unizap offers features like multi-streaming, live product demonstrations, real-time chat, and advanced analytics to boost engagement, conversions, and sales.
How can Unizap help me increase sales exponentially?
Live commerce with Unizap fosters a more engaging shopping experience, leading to higher add-to-cart rates and conversions compared to traditional methods.
Does Unizap integrate with other existing partner solutions?
Yes, using Unizap’s Open API, anyone can integrate anything seamlessly allowing you to manage your entire D2C operation from a single platform.
What kind of live commerce experiences can I create with Unizap?
Unizap empowers you to host product launches, flash sales, influencer collaborations, Q&A sessions, and more, all in real time.
Does Unizap offer any analytics to track my live commerce performance?
Unizap provides comprehensive analytics on viewer engagement, product interest, and sales, enabling you to optimize your strategy for future sessions.
Is Unizap user-friendly for beginners?
Unizap offers an intuitive interface and comprehensive resources to help businesses of all sizes get started with live commerce.
What are the pricing plans for Unizap?
Unizap offers various pricing plans to cater to different business needs and budgets. You can explore them on their website.
Does Unizap offer any customer support?
Unizap provides dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or technical issues you may encounter.
Is Unizap a secure platform for my business and customers?
Unizap prioritizes data security and adheres to industry-standard security protocols to protect your business and customer information.