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Give the Green light to your Grocery Business and Start Growing

Unizap's grocery ecommerce website builder streamlines grocery commerce with multi-layered categories, scheduled delivery, omnichannel inventory visibility, automated invoicing features and helps you to get started with over 250,000 preloaded SKUs. Simplify your grocery business with Unizap.

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Effortless Setup & Happy Customers

Think of lightning-fast shopping, loyalty programs, and support that makes your customers smile. Win-win!

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Smart Inventory, Zero Headaches

Say goodbye to stock-outs and hello to AI magic that predicts what sells. More time for the grocery business, less for stress.

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From Zero to Hero, Fast!

No tech experience? No worries! Unizap's got your back with a massive product library and features that give your grocery business a Unizap boost.

10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap The Undisputed Market Leader for Digital Grocery Operations

Fresh Approach to Online Grocery Selling

Multi Layered Product Category

Effortless navigation for every shopper. Organize your vast grocery selection with a user-friendly, multi-layered category system. This allows customers to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Product Discovery Tools

Help customers discover new favorites. Utilize Unizap's product discovery tools to recommend complementary items and personalized suggestions based on past purchases.

Rich Product Content

Showcase your fresh produce, packaged goods, and everything in between with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.

Scheduled Delivery Options

Cater to busy lifestyles by offering convenient scheduled delivery options, allowing customers to pick a time slot that fits their needs.

Smarter Inventory Management
for Less Waste

Omnichannel Inventory Visibility

Whether you have a physical store or operate solely online, Unizap provides a unified view of your inventory across all channels. This eliminates discrepancies and ensures a smooth shopping experience.

Launchpad of 250,000+ SKUs's database provides access to over 250,000 pre-loaded SKUs, allowing you to quickly add products to your store with a single click. This streamlines your setup process and caters to diverse grocery needs, from everyday staples to specialty items.

AI-Powered Order Management System (OMS)

Predict demand and optimize stock levels with the power of AI. Unizap's OMS helps you forecast customer needs, preventing out-of-stocks and ensuring efficient deliveries, especially for perishable items.

Bulk Product Uploads & Updates

Save precious time with effortless product management. Unizap allows you to upload and update your entire grocery inventory in bulk using user-friendly CSV templates. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures a smooth, efficient operation.

Speed & Security: Frictionless Selling at Every Step

Mobile-First Design

Make grocery shopping a breeze on the go. Unizap's mobile-optimized platform ensures a smooth shopping experience, allowing customers to browse, add items, and checkout with ease, right from their phones.

Single Page Checkout

Eliminate cart abandonment with a streamlined checkout process. Unizap's single-page checkout reduces friction and keeps customers moving through the purchase journey.

PCI-Approved Security

Build trust with robust security measures. Unizap prioritizes customer safety with PCI-approved security, ensuring all transactions are secure and protected.

Automated Invoicing

Unizap automates invoice generation with customizable tax settings, ensuring accurate and professional receipts for every order. This saves you time and keeps your customers informed.

Building Customer Loyalty in a Competitive Market

Seamless Customer Support

Build trust and address concerns promptly. Unizap provides robust customer support tools such as click-to-call, whatsapp API integrations, and many more to address any issues efficiently and maintain satisfied customers.

Personalized Promotions

Target specific customer segments with personalized promotions and offers based on their past purchase history.

Seamless Customer Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer buying behavior. Unizap helps you understand what your customers are buying, how often they shop, and their preferred delivery options.

Loyalty Programs

Build customer loyalty with a robust loyalty program that rewards repeat customers and incentivizes them to keep coming back for more.


Freshen Up Your Online Grocery Store with Powerful Features

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Unizap Grocery Commerce FAQ's

Is Unizap easy to set up for my grocery store?

Absolutely! Unizap offers a user-friendly platform and bulk upload options to get your store running quickly.

How can Unizap help me manage my inventory?

Unizap’s AI forecasts demand and provides real-time insights, helping you avoid stockouts and optimize inventory levels.

Does Unizap integrate with delivery services?

Yes! Unizap integrates seamlessly with various delivery services, offering flexibility for your customers.

How can I showcase my products on Unizap?

Unizap allows you to upload high-quality images and descriptions, making your grocery selection visually appealing.

Does Unizap offer features to keep customers coming back?

Yes! Unizap lets you create loyalty programs with points and rewards, fostering customer engagement.

Can I customize the checkout process on Unizap?

Yes! Unizap allows you to set up customizable tax settings and ensure a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

How does Unizap handle invoicing?

Unizap automates invoice generation with accurate and professional receipts for every order.

Does Unizap offer customer support?

Yes! Unizap provides robust customer support tools with multiple channels for prompt assistance.

Are there any security concerns with using Unizap?

Security is a priority! Unizap utilizes PCI-approved security measures to keep all transactions safe and secure.

Can I try Unizap for free?

Check the Unizap website for potential free trial offers or demos to explore the platform before you commit.