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Unizap unlocks the ONDC ecosystem for all businesses. Tap into a vibrant marketplace of 50 crore+ potential Indian buyers with a single click, accelerating your growth with an immersive commerce experience like never before.

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Zero Entry Barrier

Unlike other platforms, Unizap boasts zero subscription charges. You only pay when you secure orders, ensuring a risk-free and cost-effective entry into the ONDC marketplace.

Unmatched Profitability

Secure the lowest seller commission rates amongst all ONDC platforms, maximizing your profit margins and fueling sustainable growth.

Accelerated Onboarding & Expertise

Benefit from personalized, expert training designed to fast-track your understanding of the ONDC network and equip you with the cutting-edge skills needed to thrive.

Professional Product Representation

Unzap offers professional product photography and expert cataloging support, ensuring your products stand out on the ONDC platform and attract more customers.

Amplified Customer Reach

Gain exposure not only on the ONDC network but also on Saheli store on Amazon.in, instantly multiplying your potential customer base and unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities.

Strategic Marketing & Technical Support

Leverage Unizap's strategic marketing & technical services to amplify your brand voice across all relevant channels, drive targeted traffic, and achieve exponential growth.
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Unizap.ai was launched to provide sellers on ONDC with the advantage of a revolutionary technology, enabling them to make decisions based on data, optimize operations with clever workflow automation, and harness the power of a modern AI to connect with more than 50 crore passionate Indian buyers.

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Orders Fulfilled Through

Picture of Buddhadev Ghosh

Buddhadev Ghosh

Owner A to Z Novel Books

As A to Z Novel Books, our journey to success was accelerated with the invaluable assistance of Unizap previously NDHGO. Their expertise in website development and the seamless onboarding into the ONDC Network was a game-changer for us. Their platform is not just robust; it’s a cornerstone of our operations. The unparalleled support team at Unizap has been instrumental in our growth, offering consistent guidance and solutions.Today, thanks to their support, we’re fulfilling over 1000 orders per week through the ONDC Network alone. This milestone stands as a testament to the efficiency and reliability Unizap brings to the table. We are immensely grateful for their partnership, which has propelled our business to new heights. Kudos to the team at Unizap for their exceptional support and services.

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Using Unizap has been a wonderful experience. They offer excellent customer support and have always been extremely helpful. Their team is very active in assisting with even the smallest things. The app is very convenient and has almost all the features I need to run my business. Building an eCommerce website had never been easier.

RK smart world. Mr Rajesh Kamat- Unizap Testimonials (1)

Rajesh Kamat

RK Smart Mart

I recently shifted to Unizap, as I had been using one of the global eCommerce platforms for years but wasn’t really satisfied. But now, I can promptly say that the app has really helped me with the management of my online store. The app is easy to use and it has all features I need. It’s a great platform for serious online sellers.

Dinesh Malpani, Dhartidhaan- Unizap Testionials (1)

Dinesh Malpani


With the help of Unizap, Mukhi was able to launch its own eCommerce presence quickly and easily. This powerful website has transformed how we do business online - allowing us to reach customers directly while accepting digital payments. Their no-nonsense approach ensures minimal backend effort, boosting the scope for increased profits in this digital age!

Amin Mukhi, M.M. Mukhi Sons- Unizap Testimonials (1)

Amin Mukhi

MM Mukhi & Sons

We have been managing our online grocery store for over a year. It was difficult to maintain the product details and images for each product. But Unizap has helped us manage our entire inventory with ease. The advanced mapping feature keeps all SKUs updated automatically. The Unizap platform equips businesses with the tools they need to run their online grocery operations smoothly - from product catalogues at just one click, right through to integrated hyperlocal delivery partners. Unizap provides businesses with all-in-one tools for seamless online grocery operations, including one-click product catalogues and integrated hyperlocal delivery partners.

Md. Irfan, Rasafa Mart- Unizap Testimonials (1)

MD Irfan

Rafasa Mart

My pet business has been a family legacy since 1937, and I'm taking it to the next level by crafting an impactful marketing strategy aimed at targeting my niche audience. To give customers the best user experience possible, Unizap developed for my pet business a world-class eCommerce website that carries out my brand identity from design to content. With Unizap’s help in optimizing SEO keywords for both our online store and listings, they're helping us beat other competitors on search engine rankings too! 

Prithvi Jayakaran, Glenands- Unizap Testimonials (1)

Prithvi Jayakaran


PocketMeal has truly set the bar high in the era of food delivery post-pandemic, all thanks to Unizap! Thanks to Unizap, Pocketmeal’s multi-outlet online ordering website is designed with customer satisfaction in mind and provides everything you need right at your fingertips. No longer do we have to depend on online food aggregators. Our customers now enjoy a streamlined experience for direct online ordering from PocketMeal. 

Triparna Mukherjee

Pocket Meal

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Unizap ONDC Network FAQ's

What is ONDC?

Open Network for Digital Commerce or ONDC is an initiative undertaken by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) of the Government of India to develop open eCommerce which connects buyers on any buyer platform with sellers on any seller platform through a common network protocol

How do I register on the ONDC network through Unizap?

Registering your business on the ONDC network through Unizap can be done in three simple steps. You need to register your business and pay a one-time onboarding fee of Rs. 5000. After filling in your business details and uploading your Unizap catalogue, you can commence your business. 

Why should I pay Rs. 5000 to get registered on the ONDC Network through Unizap?

The ONDC buyer app is the interface that will be used by all the customers to connect with the sellers on the network, view their products, and also connect with any other service providers (Logistics providers, Payment providers, etc.) on the open network.

What are the benefits of ONDC for the sellers?

Sellers will benefit from the ONDC network in the following ways:

  •  Visible to new customers
  •  Better product discoverability
  •  Lower cost of operations
  •  Varied options for services such as logistics 
What do you get in the seller panel by Unizap?

You just need your GSTIN and a Bank account to sell on ONDC. Once you have given basic details and verified your business, you will be redirected to the ONDC-integrated Unizap seller panel, where you can upload your catalogue and start processing orders directly.