Manufacturing & Industrial Goods

Manufacturing & Industrial Goods

March 14, 2024 2024-04-12 12:16

Forge the Future of Manufacturing, Unizap's Revolutionary Digital Shift.

Unizap's ecommerce website builder offers features like seamless customer segmentation, dynamic price list, omnichannel lead management, and automated workflows using WhatsApp. It empowers your manufacturing brand to thrive in the future by providing the right tools today.

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Sell More, Simplify Orders

Unizap streamlines complex B2B sales, boosts discoverability with AI, and automates workflows for effortless order management.

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Build Stronger Relationships

Personalize pricing, target specific buyers, and leverage WhatsApp automation to nurture leads and foster customer loyalty.

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Gain Valuable Insights, Scale Effortlessly

Get data-driven insights to optimize decisions. Unizap's scalable cloud platform grows with you, accommodating increasing sales and product catalogs.

10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap:
The First Choice for Manufacturing Brands.

Simplify your Commerce Operations Management

Centralized Product Information

Manage vast equipment catalogs effortlessly. Unizap offers rich content options, multi-layered categories, and AI-powered organization for superior discoverability.

Streamlined Order Management

Unizap's robust OMS tackles complex B2B orders. Automate tasks, manage multi-warehouse inventory, and fulfill orders flawlessly, exceeding customer expectations.

Seamless Customer Segmentation

Target specific buyer groups with personalized experiences. Tailor pricing, product access, and promotions to nurture relationships and drive industrial equipment sales.

Dynamic Price Lists

Offer custom pricing per SKU for specific customers. Unizap fosters stronger relationships with distributors and bulk buyers through flexible pricing strategies.

Boost Sales & Simplify Complexities

Omnichannel Lead Management

Consolidate leads from Indiamart and similar platforms for seamless communication and efficient lead nurturing.

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

AI-Powered Product Recommendations

Leverage AI to suggest relevant equipment based on browsing history and past purchases.

Dynamic Quoting & Order Management

Generate accurate quotes with pre-configured pricing and real-time inventory. Manage orders efficiently with progress tracking, workflows, and communication tools.

Streamlined RFP Management

Simplify RFPs with a centralized platform for inquiries, showcasing capabilities, and submitting compelling electronic proposals.

Unparalleled Efficiency & Scalability

Unified Commerce Experience

Manage marketing, sales, fulfillment, and support – all on a single, unified platform.

Increased Customer Engagement

Drive sales with targeted marketing automation, personalized offerings, and efficient lead conversion.

Bulk Order Management

Handle large orders with ease. Upload bulk order lists, manage pricing variations, and generate invoices efficiently.

Seamless Integration with Open API

Integrate Unizap with your existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems for a unified workflow and synchronized data.

Scalable Platform

Our cloud-based platform adapts to your growing business needs. Scale effortlessly to accommodate increasing product catalogs, sales volume, and user base.


Dominate Industrial Commerce! All the Features you need.

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Unify B2B operations, manage inquiries & orders, & boost sales. Automate workflows, personalize experiences, & gain data-driven insights.

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Unify your online & in-store channels for a flawless customer experience. Offers omnichannel fulfillment, marketing automation & data-driven insights.

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Marketplace and Seller Management

Effortlessly manage your marketplace & boost sales. Unify inventory, manage orders, Make data-driven decisions.

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Bring your Manufacturing brand into the era of a
New Industrial Revolution: A Digital One.

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How can Unizap help me streamline my B2B orders?

Unizap automates repetitive tasks, manages multi-warehouse inventory, and offers clear communication tools to streamline your B2B order process.

Can I personalize pricing for different customer groups?

Yes! Unizap empowers you to offer custom pricing at the individual SKU level for specific distributors and bulk buyers.

How can I manage complex requests for proposals (RFPs)?

Unizap offers a centralized platform for managing RFPs, showcasing your capabilities, and submitting compelling electronic proposals efficiently.

How can I gain valuable insights into my manufacturing operations?

Unizap provides data-driven insights into customer behavior, market trends, and production data, empowering you to make informed decisions.

What kind of marketing tools does Unizap offer?

Unizap allows for targeted marketing automation with personalized communications and relevant product suggestions to nurture leads and drive sales.

Can I integrate Unizap with my existing ERP and CRM systems?

Sure! Unizap seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, facilitating a unified workflow and synchronized data across all platforms.

How can Unizap help me improve customer engagement?

Unizap fosters customer engagement through targeted marketing campaigns, personalized offerings, and efficient lead conversion tools.

Can I handle large bulk orders efficiently?

Unizap allows you to upload bulk order lists, manage pricing variations, and generate invoices efficiently, simplifying bulk order management.

Is Unizap secure for handling sensitive business data?

Data security is a priority. Unizap utilizes secure communication protocols and data encryption to ensure the safety of your business information.

Is Unizap a scalable platform for growing manufacturing businesses?

Yes! Unizap’s cloud-based platform adapts to your evolving needs, effortlessly accommodating increasing product catalogs, sales volume, and customer base.