Compostable Frontends

Compostable Frontends

March 21, 2024 2024-05-23 14:57

Unleash Agility and Innovation: Composable Commerce by

In the fast-changing world of ecommerce, traditional platforms struggle to keep up. introduces Composable Commerce, a revolutionary Composable Tech solution.

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What is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce breaks down your online store's functionalities into independent, reusable building blocks. These blocks, called micro-services (back-end logic) and micro-frontends (front-end UI), offer unparalleled flexibility and customization

Unparalleled Power & Unrivaled Performance

Success stories of brands that switched to

Unmatched Agility & Power

Make changes to your store with ease to keep up with market trends and customer preferences. Modify functionalities as needed, ensuring your store stays ahead of the curve.

Faster Time-to-Market

Add new functionality to your website with our composable architecture and let your customers experience the cutting edge of innovation with

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

By leveraging pre-built components and integrations, development costs and ongoing maintenance can be reduced compared to custom solutions.

Compostable Architecture

The Real World advantages of Unizap’s composable platform.

Build a Future-Proof Ecommerce Store 1

Build a Future-Proof Ecommerce Store

Ensure your store stays ahead of the curve by making changes easily to keep up with market trends and customer preferences.
Effortless Scaling & Reduced Costs

Reduce Costs & Scale Effortlessly

Unizap's platform is composable, accommodating growth with easy integration of new features at an affordable cost.
Omnichannel Mastery & Best-in-Breed Integrations

Enable Omnichannel Commerce

Unizap helps businesses create seamless experiences across multiple channels, including websites, marketplaces, and in-store locations.

Feature that makes Composable eCommerce happen : Powered by

Microservices Architecture

Build a modular commerce experience by independently deploying and scaling various commerce functionalities (product information, shopping cart, checkout, etc.) based on your specific needs.

API-Driven Integration

Leverage Unizap's robust APIs to seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed solutions for marketing automation, CRM, payment processing, and more.

Headless Commerce

Deliver a decoupled front-end experience. Unizap manages the commerce backend, while you have complete freedom to design and develop a unique customer interface tailored to your brand.

Customizable Storefronts

Create unique shopping experiences for different customer segments or sales channels. Unizap's composable architecture allows for tailored functionalities and branding for each storefront.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Integrate your preferred CMS with Unizap to seamlessly blend product information with engaging content, creating a richer customer journey.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Deliver dynamic content, product recommendations, and promotions based on individual customer behavior and preferences for a more engaging shopping experience.

Agile & Scalable Development

Unizap's composable approach allows for faster development cycles and easier scalability.

Omnichannel Commerce Management

Manage your sales channels (online store, marketplaces, social commerce) from a single platform, streamlining operations and gaining a unified view of your customers.

Experimentation & Innovation

Easily test and implement new commerce features and functionalities without impacting existing systems, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.

Faster Time to Market

Launch new commerce initiatives quickly and efficiently with Unizap's composable architecture, allowing you to capitalize on market opportunities.

Future-Proof Technology

Stay ahead of the curve. Composable commerce is a future-proof approach that adapts to evolving technologies and business needs.

Reduced Development Costs

Unizap's pre-built components and API integrations can streamline development processes, potentially reducing overall development costs.

Improved Maintainability

The modular nature of composable commerce simplifies maintenance and updates. You can focus on enhancing specific functionalities without affecting the entire system.

Enhanced Developer Experience

Unizap offers well-documented APIs and developer tools, enabling developers to build and integrate functionalities with ease.

Flexibility & Customization

Unizap empowers you to build a commerce platform that perfectly aligns with your unique business strategy and customer needs.

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Build Your Future-Proof Ecommerce Store Today with the power of Composable Frontends.

Unizap Composable Commerce FAQ's

What is composable commerce?
Composable commerce is a modern approach to building ecommerce platforms. It breaks down functionalities like product information, shopping cart, and checkout into independent modules. This allows for greater flexibility, faster innovation, and easier scaling compared to traditional monolithic platforms.
What are the benefits of using Unizap's composable commerce platform?

Unizap’s platform offers several advantages, including:

  • Agility and innovation: Easily adapt your store to changing market trends and customer preferences.
  • Faster development: Release new features and updates quicker.
  • Scalability: Effortlessly scale your store as your business grows.
  • Omnichannel experience: Deliver a seamless customer journey across all touchpoints.
  • Best-in-breed integrations: Integrate the most powerful solutions from different vendors.
How does Unizap's composable commerce differ from traditional platforms?
Traditional platforms are monolithic, meaning everything is built as a single unit. This makes it difficult to make changes or add new features. Unizap’s composable approach is modular, allowing for greater flexibility and customization.
Can I integrate my existing tools with Unizap?
Yes! Unizap’s platform utilizes robust APIs for seamless integration with various best-of-breed solutions, including marketing automation tools, CRMs, and payment processors.
Do I need a lot of technical expertise to use Unizap?
Unizap offers a user-friendly platform with well-documented APIs and developer tools. However, some technical expertise might be needed for advanced customizations. Unizap also offers support and resources to help you get started.
Is Unizap's composable commerce solution secure?
ecurity is a top priority at Unizap. The platform adheres to industry best practices and security standards to protect your data and customer information.
What kind of businesses can benefit from Unizap's composable commerce?
Unizap’s solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established brands, looking for a flexible and scalable ecommerce platform.
Does Unizap offer any free trials or demos?
Unizap offers a 15 day free trial. It’s recommended to contact the sales team to explore available options.