Order Management System

Order Management System

February 1, 2024 2024-05-23 14:45

Every order, optimized: Unify Your eCommerce with Unizap's Order Management System

Unizap's Order Management System can help you streamline your inventory management, automate order fulfillment, and increase your profits. Take advantage of this powerful ecommerce tool to optimize your business operations.
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10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap: The Undisputed Market Leader for Food & Beverage Operations Online

Unified inventory: One dashboard, complete visibility.

Real-time inventory visibility across all channels ensures you always have what customers want and when they want it.

Automate, Optimize, Deliver - Every Order, Every Time!

Unify your order management with Unizap's powerful features and say goodbye to fulfillment headaches.

Unizap.ai: Where "Delivering Delight" Isn't Just a Slogan, It's a Promise.

Present a range of fulfillment choices: click, collect, and ship from the store, scheduled deliveries, and customizable options for unparalleled convenience. Delight customers on their own terms, without fail.

Click & Collect

Empower customers to order online and pick up in-store, to skip shipping delays and costs. It's a win-win: happy shoppers, boosted sales, and reduced logistics burden.

Self-Directed Delivery

Fulfill orders your way, on your terms. Skip third-party logistics and curate a unique delivery experience that embodies your brand identity. Ship, deliver, and delight at your pace.

Any Mile Delivery

From Hyperlocal dashes to a nationwide journey, guarantee fresh, fast, and fully trackable deliveries. Delight customers with last-minute gifts, regional favorites, and coast-to-coast reach, all with real-time visibility for complete peace of mind.

Scan & Go

Empower customers with a revolutionary in-store experience. Our Scan & Go technology lets them scan products, pay securely, and breeze out the door – no lines, no hassle. Pure shopping joy, delivered.

Unify, Automate, & Outperform with Unizap's Next-Gen OMS.

Maximize your business potential with a single platform for inventory management, order fulfillment, and omnichannel sales.

Connect, Integrate, Thrive:
The Ai-Powered OMS is here.

Unify your commerce ecosystem and deliver on every expectation with Unizap's
revolutionary Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution.
With Unizap Without Unizap

See Unizap OMS in action

See it in action! Witness Unizap's intuitive interface and powerful features in action, and unlock the potential for great business.
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Streamline, Sell, Soar: Achieve Rapid Time to
Revenue with Unzap's Omnichannel Toolkit.

Inventory Management
Order Management

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Unizap Order Management System FAQ's

How can Unizap's OMS help me manage my inventory across multiple channels?
Unizap provides a unified inventory dashboard, offering real-time visibility into your stock levels across all channels. This ensures you never run out of popular items and can fulfill orders promptly.
Can I create custom categories and filters for my products?
Absolutely! Unizap allows you to create Muti-layered categories and effortlessly filter products for better organization and faster inventory management.
How does Unizap handle backorders?

Unizap’s advanced backorder management system automatically alerts you when an item is out of stock but is still available for the purchase. This allows you to inform customers about expected delivery time ensuring their satisfaction.

Can I control stock levels for product variations and add-ons?
Yes, Unizap offers granular stock control for all your product variations and add-ons. This ensures accurate delivery charges and prevents overselling.
How can Unizap streamline my order fulfillment process?
Unizap’s central hub provides a comprehensive overview of all your orders, from acceptance to fulfillment. You can manage order status, track progress, and ensure seamless effortless experience.
What kind of order reports does Unizap offer?
Unizap generates detailed reports packed with valuable insights into your customers, sales, and top-performing products. Leverage this data to make informed decisions and optimize your business for success.
Can I choose different shipping partners with Unizap?
Yes, Unizap integrates with multiple shipping providers, offering transparent rates and flexible fulfillment options. You can even handle shipping yourself and benefit from automated invoices and live order tracking.
How does Unizap help me understand my customers better?
Unizap provides customer location data for targeted deliveries, purchase history for understanding buying patterns, and order notifications for prompt fulfillment, empowering you to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
What is Distributed Order Management (DOM) and how does Unizap utilize it?
DOM is a cutting-edge approach to order management that optimizes fulfillment across various locations and channels. Unizap’s revolutionary DOM solution unifies your commerce ecosystem, ensuring every order is fulfilled efficiently.
Does Unizap offer any API for integration with other systems?

Yes, Unizap integrates with multiple shipment providers, offering transparent rates and flexible fulfillment options. You can even handle shipment options by yourself and benefit from automated invoices and live order tracking.

What are the security measures in place to protect my data?
Unizap takes data security seriously and employs enterprise-grade security measures to safeguard your information.
Can I try Unizap's OMS before committing?
Absolutely! Unizap offers a free trial so you can experience the platform’s features and benefits firsthand.