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How to sell my restaurant app to restaurants?

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Are you looking for ways to sell your restaurant app to restaurants? Want restaurants to add their menu to your app.

All you have to do is connect with restaurant owners, make them realise what you distinctly have from others. As to why they should purchase or collaborate with your app. 

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What am I getting out of it? That is all that matters to a restaurateur – or any other company owner. If you can demonstrate value to them. If you can do it fast, clear, and without any BS, you might be able to incorporate their menu into your app. To do so, follow these three steps.

Make a list of what you’re offering as a value. 

If you use the “What’s in it for me?” or sales technique, you’ll talk about benefits rather than features. As you sell your application, this will determine whether or not you succeed. 

Feature: In the city where your business is located, our app is used by over 2,000 individuals. 

Benefit: You’ll be able to contact 2,000 hungry consumers within a short distance of your restaurant.

The focus of features is on YOU and your product. Don’t make the overworked restaurant owner research to see if your components are beneficial to them. Please spell it out for me. What is the benefit of your product to the restaurant owner? That is all they are concerned with. Is that clear? Good

Make a couple of case studies. 

Prepare a few case studies to demonstrate how your app meets its value proposition. If necessary, include testimonies. Research papers should be brief and to the point.

Choose your communication methods carefully. 


To create automated marketing using an email software application. First, customise the emails by including “data points” such as the restaurant owner’s name and the business title. 


It’s always more challenging to say no in front of someone’s face. You can also demonstrate how to use the software. Avoid going during lunch or supper hours. Go later in the week, in the afternoon. Have a 1-page “leave behind” form or letter ready in case the owner isn’t available. 

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The Internet and Social Media 

Use LinkedIn and Facebook to communicate notifications.


If the restaurateur hasn’t given you their contact details, call them instead.

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