D2C Brands

D2C Brands

February 27, 2024 2024-04-12 12:17

The journey between You and Your customers is Unizap.ai

Go direct with confidence. Is D2C a Priority? Unizap's Ai Powered Website Builder, Creative Packaging, Brand Strategy and Powerful Digital Marketing translate Commitment into Action.

10,000 Reasons to Choose Unizap :
The Undisputed Market Leader for D2C Commerce.

Elevate Your Customer Journey with Unizap.ai

Crafted for Conversion

Design stunning, feature-rich storefronts without technical limitations. We handle the tech, you focus on branding, and customers enjoy a seamless experience across devices.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Streamlined logistics integrations minimize errors and maximize speed. Your products get there quickly and accurately, keeping customers happy.

Variant Showcase

Manage & display product variations seamlessly across all channels, captivating customers with diverse options.

Always-On Performance

Multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, auto-scaling, and robust security ensure your store is always ready, even during peak traffic. Focus on growth, not technical worries.

Unify Your Supply Chain with Unizap.ai

Cut out intermediaries

Reduce complexity and maximize profits by bypassing middlemen.

Smart order allocation

Allocate orders based on serviceability, proximity, and value for optimal efficiency.

Real-time inventory

Maintain live stock levels across all channels with effortless updates.Seasonal agility: Adapt inventory to demand fluctuations, minimizing dead stock.

Bulk power-up

Manage hundreds of products in seconds with efficient bulk import and update tools. Simplify inventory, pricing, and more, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Data-Driven Decisions with Unizap.ai

Revenue at a Glance

Track overall and channel-specific revenue streams for insightful financial analysis.

Shipment Simplified

Monitor dispatch, transit, and delivery details for every shipment, ensuring timely customer satisfaction.

Order Management System

Identify failed and unverified orders instantly, allowing for swift resolution and reduced friction.

Optimized Operations

Gain valuable insights into product performance and customer trends to optimize your offerings.

Go Global, Sell Local

Unizap.ai empowers you to build multilingual, multicurrency websites that resonate with diverse audiences and unlock new revenue streams.

Scale Without Limits

Our MACH architecture and integrated stack empower you to scale seamlessly across multi-tenants, warehouses, and outlets.

Multichannel Mastery

Sell effortlessly across your online store, your app, retail stores, and multiple marketplaces. Reach customers wherever they are.
Why use Unizap.ai?

Because a website on Unizap feels like a Thrillingly sustainable
performance which is- "always on"

We personalize every bit of your website, user interface, and user experience for exceptional
brand impact and conversions.

Automate, optimize, celebrate

Unizap.ai's automated tools - from Google Analytics to WhatsApp marketing - fuel intelligent strategies. Upsells, cross-sells, and targeted campaigns ignite conversions. Focus on what matters: your success.

Rule e-commerce with Unizap's ONDC CONNECT

Government of India's revolutionary "Everyone's Commerce" protocol. Tap into a massive 50 Crore+ customer base you never knew existed. Go direct, go big, go Unizap.ai.

Mobile First

Your customers are mobile. Your tools should be too. Unleash brand loyalty and engagement with lightning-fast native Android and iOS apps, built from your website.

Welcome to the new comfort zone. Zap your way into Business with Unizap.

Supercharge your D2C journey with a unified platform. 

Seamless order management, real-time inventory insights, and powerful fulfillment—all at your fingertips. Scale smarter, sell faster and delight every customer.

Your D2C Success Starts Here. Choose Us Now. The Rest will be History.

D2C Features

Seamless Omnichannel Management

Juggling product info across channels? Unify your products and sales channels under one roof for a smooth, consistent customer experience.

Expansive Open API

Unizap.ai's expansive API lets you connect your ERP, CRM, and more, unlocking seamless data flow and endless possibilities. Integrate with third-party apps and services to truly extend your platform's reach.

Multi-warehouse Management

Manage multiple warehouses like a pro with real-time inventory tracking and order fulfillment control. No more stockout scares, just smooth business and happy customers.

The Multi-Tenant Marvel

Scale effortlessly with our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. Auto-scaling and robust security ensure your store is always ready, even during peak seasons.

Integrated Multi-Currency

Ditch the conversion headaches! Unizap.ai lets you manage local currencies and payment conditions with ease, opening new markets and supercharging your global footprint.

Adaptable Multi-Language

Empower customers to shop in their native tongue with our adaptable multi-language feature. Foster trust, boost sales, and watch your global reach soar.

Global Inventory Management

Gain real-time visibility across all channels and optimize stock levels like a boss. AI-powered insights help you avoid dead stock and ensure customers always get what they want.

The AI-Powered OMS

Our AI-powered OMS streamlines order processing, delivers data-driven insights, and lets you manage orders on the go. Secure payments, multi-outlet management, and more - it's all here.


From hyperlocal dashes to nationwide journeys, deliver fresh, fast, and trackable experiences. Delight customers with last-minute gifts and coast-to-coast reach, all with real-time visibility for ultimate peace of mind.

Mobile-First Magic

Your customers are mobile, and your tools should be too! Unleash brand loyalty and engagement with lightning-fast native Android and iOS apps built from your website.

Smart Marketing Automation

Unizap.ai's smart automation suite, from WhatsApp API integration to Google Analytics insights, empowers you with intelligent marketing strategies. Watch conversions soar as targeted campaigns work their magic.

Data-Driven Decisions

Uncover valuable insights into your customers, sales, and top performers with our detailed real-time reports. Make informed decisions and optimize your business for success.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Rest easy knowing your data is safe with our enterprise-grade security measures. PCI-approved protocols, SSL certificates, web application firewalls, and more – we've got you covered.

ONDC Connect

Challenge the giants with Unizap.ai's ONDC CONNECT, connecting you directly with millions of new Indian customers. Expand your reach and tap into a whole new market.

Scan & Go

Empower customers with a revolutionary in-store experience. Scan products, pay securely, and skip the lines with our Scan & Go technology. Pure shopping joy, delivered.

The MACH Revolution

Unleash the power of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture with Unizap.ai. Enjoy modular flexibility, API-driven freedom, cloud-powered agility, and headless liberation – the future is here.

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Unify your online & in-store channels for a flawless customer experience. Offers omnichannel fulfillment, marketing automation & data-driven insights.

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Catalogue Management

Smart catalog management system simplifies uploads & lets you create rich content for conversions. Boost website traffic & sales.

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Live Commerce

Unleash the power of live commerce Engage viewers, boost sales & brand loyalty with interactive features,  insights & influencer marketing. 

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Go Big or Go home, choose Unizap.ai for your D2C eCom.

No more boring e-commerce! Build a unicorn-level D2C website today.

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What makes Unizap ideal for D2C businesses?

Unizap’s open architecture, scalability, and omnichannel management empower you to build a unique, seamless D2C experience. Seamless integrations, multi-warehouse control, and AI-powered tools optimize operations and fuel growth.

Can I design a stunning, conversion-focused storefront?

Absolutely! Unizap offers advanced features like video banners, mega menus, and custom layouts for impactful design without technical limitations. Focus on branding while we handle the tech.

How does Unizap ensure fast and accurate deliveries?

Streamlined logistics integrations with leading delivery partners to minimize errors and maximize speed. Track shipments in real-time and leverage Unizap’s vast network of trusted partners for happy customers and peace of mind.

How can I showcase product variations effectively?

Unizap’s intuitive platform lets you manage and display diverse product variations across all channels. Captivate customers with rich options, from size and color to texture and personalization.

Is my store always ready for peak traffic?

Yes! Our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, auto-scaling capabilities, and robust security ensure seamless performance even during surges. Focus on your business, not technical worries.

How can I simplify my supply chain with Unizap?

Cut out intermediaries and gain control with efficient order allocation based on serviceability, proximity, and value. Real-time inventory updates, seasonal demand management, and bulk import tools further streamline operations.

What data-driven insights does Unizap offer?

Gain valuable insights into revenue, shipments, returns, and customer trends. Track performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions for optimized success.

Can I reach new markets with Unizap?

Absolutely! Our multilingual, multicurrency features empower you to build global storefronts that resonate with diverse audiences. Tap into new markets and unlock revenue streams effortlessly.

How can I scale my D2C business seamlessly?

Unizap’s MACH architecture ensures effortless scaling across multi-tenants, warehouses, and outlets. Showcase your entire catalog with confidence and reach customers wherever they are.

What makes Unizap different from other D2C platforms?

Unizap offers unmatched flexibility, open architecture, and AI-powered automation. From Scan & Go technology to ONDC CONNECT integration, we empower you to innovate, personalize, and dominate the D2C landscape.