Haus Fabula

Haus Fabula

October 9, 2023 2023-10-31 16:06
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Haus Fabula is a company that specializes in creating exquisite and eco-friendly home décor products. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for design, the company aims to transform living spaces into works of art that reflect the unique style and personality of its customers.


Haus Fabula approached us with the objective of expanding its brand and product visibility through organic reach on social media. Their goal was to showcase the aesthetic appeal of their products and highlight their unique style.


Our task involved creating posts for both Instagram and Facebook, with a specific focus on leveraging the creative flexibility offered by the Instagram grid. We aimed to explore the unique design possibilities of this format to deliver engaging and visually appealing content.

Content Style

Upon analyzing the brand's previous content, we determined that highlighting its products in the posts would be the most impactful approach. Subsequently, we curated posts that emphasized the products and integrated festive and occasion-specific elements into the designs.

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