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October 11, 2023 2023-10-31 16:15
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With an unwavering commitment to "Passion at Work," National Furniture specializes in crafting innovative interior solutions for a range of clients, including Residential Projects, Villas, Corporates, Hospitality, and Educational institutions.

As a leading global provider of interior planning, design, and construction services, the company prioritizes modern space management and efficient project management, delivering outstanding, contemporary interior projects that they take immense pride in.

Their complete interior services encompass consultation, planning, design, manufacture, build, and installation, with every stage of the process reflecting Sobha's renowned attention to detail and commitment to fine finishes. The result is original, inventive designs that stand out in any space.


National Furniture sought to increase traffic to its website and improve its social media platform's ability to convert visitors into customers. To achieve this goal, they engaged the services of Unizap to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that resonates with their target audience, fosters engagement, and delivers tangible results.


Unizap commenced the process of revitalizing National Furniture's social media pages and driving traffic to their online platforms via online marketing. The brand's Instagram grid was identified as the primary area for organic improvements. Unizap took several initial steps to enhance the brand's image, such as designing a new logo and establishing specific brand colours to increase brand awareness and set the tone for the brand.


The primary social media channels engaged were Instagram and Facebook. To increase website traffic, clickable website links were added to almost every post across all platforms. The Instagram grid was designed to align with the brand colours, resulting in improved engagement and a more cohesive brand image across both social media platforms.

Content Style

The primary objective was to highlight National Furniture's products to the potential customers visiting their page. Therefore, most of the posts were promotional and product-focused, with minimal general content as it was deemed unnecessary in this business niche.


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