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Super Millets, founded by the mother-daughter team of Shilpa and Meha Kumar, is a Mumbai-based company dedicated to creating healthy, natural food products. Shilpa's expertise in sustainable gifts and Meha's background in environmental management drive the brand's mission.


Super Millets aims to promote the benefits of millets for immunity and overall well-being. They strive to support local farmers, encourage healthy eating, and advocate for sustainable agriculture. Their products, including dosa and idli batters, cater to health-conscious consumers without compromising on taste, aiming to benefit both people and the planet.

At Unizap, we have crafted an e-commerce experience that echoes the essence of Super Millets' commitment to health, sustainability, and community well-being. Our website design embodies their holistic approach to fostering a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable future.


01.Store Design and Organization The Super Millets store is designed to reflect the core values of sustainability and holistic wellness that define the brand. The layout embodies an earthy and welcoming atmosphere, showcasing the natural essence of millets and their beneficial properties. Thoughtfully designed displays highlight the journey of millets, from farm to table, emphasizing the brand's commitment to supporting local farmers and promoting a healthier planet.

02.Product Display and Placement The store layout is meticulously organized to highlight the diverse range of millet-based products curated by Super Millets. Special attention is given to the display of the preservative-free stone-ground batters, gluten-free pizza bases, and a variety of organically grown superfoods. The placement of educational displays and informative signage serves to educate customers about the nutritional benefits of millets and encourages them to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

03.Community Engagement Super Millets serves as a community hub for fostering awareness and understanding about the remarkable benefits of incorporating millets into one's diet. The layout incorporates a dedicated space for hosting workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions aimed at educating customers about the holistic advantages of millets. By fostering a sense of community, the store actively encourages customers to join the movement towards sustainable and health-conscious living.

04.Quality Assurance and Advocacy  Super Millets prioritizes quality assurance and transparency in every aspect of its operations. The store layout incorporates detailed information about the brand's sourcing practices, emphasizing the use of authentic, preservative-free ingredients and traditional farming techniques. Additionally, the layout emphasizes the brand's advocacy efforts, showcasing its alignment with the United Nations' International Year of Millets campaign, and highlighting the shared mission of promoting millets as a superior superfood choice for individuals, farmers, and the planet.

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