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10 reasons why you need your own online store

own online store

There is no doubt about that. You need a robust internet presence to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market. We’re not talking solely about a Social media page and a DIY webpage. Instead, you’ll need a well-planned, well-executed marketing campaign that incorporates digital, social, and cellular elements. Why? Because this is where your customers are looking for you. You should be looking at digital, social, and cellular if you have your local business online Kirana store irrespective of your regional target zone. Your own online store is the first – and probably most important – part of this plan.

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So, why do you need an online store, and how do you know it will turn those visitors into customers? Let us look into the reasons why you need your own online store:

1. The Own online store presence gives your business a professional look.

Eighty-four per cent of target consumers believe that having an online store makes your company more legitimate and unique than having merely social media pages. Your own online store is also an excellent opportunity to display any professional credentials or accolades that your company has received. Having or planning to build your online store will allow you to create and attach a mail id to your store, which gives it a more professional touch to the business.

2. Online stores are open 24/7

Unlike offline shops, which are restricted to opening and closing timings, the online store is free from such time restrictions and is made available 24/7 for customers’ convenience and comfort. Customers can anytime and from anywhere visit the online store and place an order of their wish. Purchasing from online stores is the perfect option as it provides you with both comfort and easy access to good-quality products.

3. Increased Marketing Opportunities

It is imperative to have a creative marketing plan for your products. Campaigns that allow you to increase sales and expand your consumer base in a variety of ways. Simply said, if you’re a startup, you don’t need to plead for attention; instead, have a front row seat and experience the digital advertising performance. There are numerous natural and artificial methods for attracting the proper visitors to your own online store. Online stores make your promotional work easier with the help of social media and website platforms.

4. Your own online store attracts new customers through Google

You may be pleased with the size of your firm at the moment, but every firm undergoes client fluctuation. You must draw potential new consumers to ensure enduring success and growth, and one of the simplest things to do so is to make yourself visible on Google.

Your company will benefit from a properly optimised online store by ranking well for a range of search queries and attracting a consistent flow of new clients. This whole procedure of raking your online store products on Google on the first page is called SEO. It is very much essential to use SEO practices when having an online store.

5. You can showcase your products.

By showcasing elevated superior-quality pictures on your own online store, you can show prospective customers exactly what they’re getting if they collaborate or work with you. You may also leverage the online store design and style, as well as the highlighted photographs, to give visitors a feeling of what it’s like to visit your actual location. This is especially effective if your identity is inextricably linked to the “vibe” of your area. The products in your store should be displayed and categorised so that it makes the work of shoppers easier by filtering their favourite products and placing an order as per their choice and preferences. 

6. Higher profitability and Scalability

Another important reason behind building your own online store, especially in the case of the online Kirana store, is increased profits and sales. Yes, you heard. An online store will help you to boost your sales and generate more revenue than an offline store. To start and manage an online store, you’ll need a fewer workforce, fewer current assets, and less reinvestment. As a result, sales and profit margins are expanding.

As your company expands, you’ll probably want to expand your product line, target demographic, and meet customer needs. An eCommerce online store allows you to grow your business by enabling you to add more product lines and payment options.

7. Your online store establishes your place in the industry

If your rivals aren’t already digital, they will most likely be shortly coming; build a superior quality online store with HD effects and great marketing strategies to establish yourself as a specialist in your profession.

If your opponents have websites, you have a unique opportunity: you can create your own online store that is radically distinct from theirs, demonstrating to new buyers what sets your firm unique.

8. Online store ensures long-term business success.

Nearly 4.54 billion people will be active on the Internet in 2021, and the number will continue to rise.

Your company will be hidden from these individuals if you don’t have an online store. Unless you invest in building an online presence, your firm will become hidden from others as we go farther into the digital world. So, to be competitive in today’s increasingly connected world, your company must go internet.

9. Customers’ Testimonials and review matter the most.

Establishing social proof by openly showcasing your finest reviews and feedback on your online store is a fantastic approach to do so. This could take the shape of genuine customer reviews, instilling a sense of trust and loyalty in both present and potential customers. These testimonials make it easy for new consumers or visitors to complete a purchase with your online store. It also saves the time and effort of newcomers from researching the company’s genuineness and reliability.

 10. Direct customer connection

Finally, just as building one-on-one connectivity allows for directly reaching out to your buyers in any relation, creating a personal connection for a brand store is required for the store’s long-term growth. When you place an order, you will obtain all of the customer details. It’s now up to you to figure out how to focus and advertise this freshly acquired client information. Efficiently utilising these details can help you grab the attention of more new customers and make the one-time visitors permanent. To perform these use methods such as sending emails, and text messages to the customer with the new offers and comings so that your store is connected with customers.

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If you intend to sell digitally for a long time, you’ll need an independent online store. It requires energy and effort and ensures time to attract customers to your brand store, but pays off in the end. There is a fish market going from extreme merchants to premium merchants in marketplaces, where you may simply try your luck.

An online store is necessary to catch your shoppers in the Bermuda Triangle of your shop. When implemented right, the outcomes are astonishing. Create your own online store right now! It is, without a doubt, a win scenario for both the merchants and the purchasers.


Question– Why sellers should have their online store?

Answer – With the increasing needs and customer satisfaction, online stores are becoming the preferred shopping platform for every second customer. But, making an online presence is not only sufficient to stay ahead of the crowd. let’s understand how having your online store will benefit you-

1. First, it will reduce your cost per sale if you start selling the products online.

2. Next, it will provide you with an opportunity to start your private labelling. 

3. Owning your online store will give you the freedom to sell where the customers are.

4. You will be able to diversify on the omnichannel model and reduce the risk of failure. 

Question– What are some of the other reasons you build your own online store?

Answer– Having your own online store will reduce costs per sale- Any marketplace you sell will charge a certain percentage as commission for using their platform. While building or having your own online store initially costs a bit high, however with time, it reduces costs or pays for itself once you start driving a high volume of sales through it.

Selling customers directly through your own store will save you the cost of using other platforms, and this way, you will be able to reduce your average cost per sale across all channels.

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