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Apps to sell phones in India


If you want to resell your old phone quickly before buying a new one, there are a number of internet services that provide reasonable rates and are suitable for selling used phones. Furthermore, the rate you obtain will almost always be higher than the exchange rate offered by e-commerce players for specific items.

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So, if you’re looking to sell or recycle your old phone in India, these are the finest websites to visit.


Cashify has become a popular marketplace for buying and selling old phones. You may utilise the site to sell your old phone or other electronic devices for cash. They accept fast payments and arrange for a free pickup. Their services are provided in a number of locations. If you wish to buy a refurbished phone or laptop, they provide them with a six-month warranty.


As a classified website, Quikr is OLX’s primary competitor. It is also involved in the purchasing and selling of antiques. As a result, you may list your old phone and add photographs to it. You will begin receiving calls from purchasers shortly after posting the images. Negotiate and come to an agreement. You may also purchase outdated mobile phones online. Take additional caution when using this website since it connects you with random buyers and vendors.


Another website that takes old phones is Budli. If your phone model is available, you may enter the data and obtain the cash value right away. If you have a less popular model, you may still get a quote from Budli, and they will respond within 72 hours.

If you accept the quote, you’ll receive an email with a mailing label to attach to the package containing your phone and other papers. Money will be sent to your bank account within 24 hours after your product is collected from your doorstep, delivered, and inspected.


OLX is the world’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling secondhand goods. You may purchase a variety of used mobile phones, electronics, furniture, instruments, and other items. You must take extra measures because the platform connects you with random merchants and customers. Paying for something after a phone chat is not a good idea. We suggest finding a buyer or seller in the same city as you and closing the sale after the encounter.


Another such portal that deals in used mobile phones is Atterobay. It’s the same procedure as before. Simply input the details of the phone you intend to sell, get a price, and if the condition matches what you specified, you will be paid by bank account transfer or demand draught. is a comparable service for buying and selling old cell phones. You may also utilise this platform if you want to buy one.  

These are some great websites where you may offer your unwanted smartphone or tablet. If you want to buy a used phone, go to the portal, look at the images and specifications, contact the owner, and make a transaction. Marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, through their exchange programmes, also provide inflated valuations, particularly during discounts, allowing customers to trade in old gadgets for new ones. Before deciding on a platform, one should analyse the resale value of their items across all of these platforms.

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