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How to create an online store without Website


Because they can’t afford to invest in an e-commerce shop, many firms avoid selling their products or providing services online. In this age of social distancing, however, digitising your business and finding a means to sell online is critical. In the long term, owning and managing a standalone website is a great asset, but you don’t need one to get started with your online store. Without a website, there are numerous methods to contact your audience, promote your items, and conduct transactions.

Join e-commerce platforms

Online “malls” such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay make it simple for sellers to sell their wares to buyers all over the world. The costs of adopting these platforms might be considerable, but the benefits are immeasurable. Business owners don’t have to worry about logistics because Amazon provides storage and delivery services. Keep in mind that these platforms have a lot of competition, so you’ll almost certainly have to pay for in-platform advertising on top of everything else. Plus, when you’re just one of many vendors in every search result, conveying your story and engaging with your audience is difficult.

Creating a landing page

Building a landing page is one of the most frequent ways to start selling online or extend your digital activities. Landing pages are a simple method to get your message out there and are easy to create and manage. ActiveTrail, MailChimp, and Unbounce are all platforms that let you create your own landing page using pre-made themes. Although landing pages lack the long-term benefits of owning your own domain, they may be utilised in many ways similar to a mini-website. It’s simple to show off your items, collect leads, and complete transactions without any prior design or programming experience.

Use social media

Many small companies who want to start selling online as soon as possible overlook the fact that they already have internet sales channels. Take advantage of your social accounts to discover your audience, whether you sell retail goods, digital products, or a variety of services. Some companies may find it as simple as putting their phone number on their Facebook business page and encouraging customers to call them. Using your Facebook profile to create a photo catalogue of your items might assist consumers in deciding what they want and placing an order with a remark. Various social media networks, such as Facebook Shop and Instagram Checkout, also provide powerful tailor-made e-commerce features. While setting up a digital portfolio and being accepted for these tools may take some time and effort, the benefits of selling straight from your profile are immense. Increase your sales by providing a mechanism for the audience who follows you to shop online while they browse.


The Unizap platform allows you to set up and run your online company, allowing you to compete with other e-commerce companies. You can create an online store with a professional-looking product catalogue in less than 30 seconds, all from your phone. This is the simplest method to acquire a free online store without having to learn how to code or create a website. Unizap makes it extremely convenient for both vendors and buyers.

Businesses who need to set up an online sales channel quickly or can’t afford their own website have these few choices. It is not required to create a website. Have faith in your service and you are good to go! 

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