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The Big Basket competitor from the Neighborhood

Big basket competitor


Online shopping is one sector that is becoming a crucial part of living as new tech has advanced.

It has performed such an essential part in the grocery store sector, making it incredibly simple to have veggies, grains, fruits, dairy goods, packaged meals, beef, and other items delivered to your house with just a few ticks.

While two significant considerations spring to mind, accessibility and price are the essential elements that people consider when making a decision.

If you are a baby boomer in this industry or a new online grocery shopper- this article will serve you the best understanding and knowledge.

Coming back to the topic, are aware of one of the most leading online grocery store Big Basket. It is present in more than 30 Urban areas. Fruit juices, veggies, agricultural commodities, butter, spice, healthy foods, drinks, household goods, and health supplements are all available at Big Basket. It offers a collection of over 20000 items and 1000 brands. Customers place orders for groceries online and have them delivered to their homes.

But are we all aware of big basket competitor from the neighbourhood? What if big basket services are not available in your area? What if there’s, are huge waiting line? What if in an emergency you need products?

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Let us learn about the big basket competitors- the alternatives that customers can choose from and switch to when in need as per their convenience and comfort.

1. Grofers- 

The central Big basket’s competition is Grofers. It began in the year 2013. Softbank is its backer. It distinguishes itself from Bigbasket by offering more offers and products at lower costs. It only operates in 13 cities, unlike Big Baskets. In comparison to Big Basket, it has a much smaller consumer base and profitability. In contrast to Big basket, the product selection is a little more diversified here at Grofers.
It is aimed at consumers who are price-sensitive and looking for better deals. Grofers clients shop there because of the low prices, whereas Big Basket customers shop there because of the variety.
The company’s current plan is to expand its private brands, build additional offline outlets, and minimise costs.

2. Fresh to home- 

Fresh to Home is an e-commerce portal that sells fresh, chemical-free fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, and steak, among other things. It was first released in 2015. It has proven to be effective in Kerala since fish is a staple of the menu. It has a client base of 5 lakhs and receives roughly 8000 orders per day. It has recently extended its reach to the United Arab Emirates. In addition, it is well-known in a few towns in Kerala, West Bengal, and Kannada.
Its business model provides chemical-free food goods, which competes directly with Big Basket’s organic food offering.

Compared to Big basket – fresh home is not operating at that large scale but has proved effective and is giving a tough fight to the big basket, thereby ranks second in the big basket competitor list.

3. Amazon- 

The third in the big basket competitors list, ranks Amazon one of the top e-commerce store works nationally and internationally. It has lately entered the Indian grocery market. It has over ten crore premium members, all of whom have instantly become consumers for its new enterprise. AmazonFresh, Amazon’s fresh vegetable and fruit marketplace, is currently available in select regions in Bengaluru, Maharashtra, and Pune. This functionality is expected to be expanded to other cities as well. Its Amazon Pantry function, which sells various grocery items such as ready meals, snacks, and drinks, is accessible in 110 Indian cities. Its advantages include a presence in 110 locations, a sizable capital base, a well-established supply chain, a well-known brand, and a large consumer base. Amazon does not need to attract and retain consumers; all it needs to do is encourage its existing prime users to take advantage of the new function.

4. Reliance Smart- 

The Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries has been considering entering the e-commerce market. Its supermarket service branch, Reliance smart/Fresh direct, has started in a few cities, including Maharashtra and  Bengaluru.
It is a reliance retail company. Its advantages include a leading market position, a large capital base, and a large client base from other companies. Its objective is to collaborate with Indian Kirana retailers. By offering an elastic jio network, producing a feature that enables them to perform GST, and creating their virtual assistants, Reliance will assist Kirana retailers in modernising. In addition, reliance will gain from receiving the commodities it needs for its e-commerce operation. Reliance’s entrance will be a significant mover in India’s e-commerce market and tough competition to Big basket.

5. Swiggy stores- 

Fruits, veggies, pharmaceuticals, and other grocery goods are being delivered by the grocery delivery service venture, which has worked with online and offline businesses. Apollo Pharmacy,, Vicious, Le March, and others are among its affiliates. Fast delivery of merchandise from adjacent outlets is its marketing strategy. It has introduced this facility in Gurugram, where 3500 stores are available for delivery.

6. Walmart’s Flipkart- 

Flipkart’s grocery division, “Supermart,” debuted in November 2017. Stables, FMCG items, and luxury brands are all part of the company’s portfolio. It is currently available in five cities (Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and Maharashtra). It may expand its activities throughout India. It has a well-established e-commerce platform, a large amount of capital, and a large client base in its retail sector.

7. Zomato- 

Zomato has established its “hyperpure” groceries division. Hyperpure now focuses on supplying food products to eateries. It also intends to broaden its consumer base to include individuals.

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With the entrance of Amazon Fresh and Walmart into the Indian market, Big Basket is finding it difficult to compete. Together with the inventory model, Big Basket is experimenting with the location-based model to minimize the barrier between the purchasers and increase efficiency and effectiveness. These Big Basket alternatives have proven to be incredibly effective, and their shop growth has skyrocketed.

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