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What is a great mobile-based loyalty program?

loyalty programs


There’s obviously space for solutions when it comes to smartphone reward programs. In many situations, the app’s UX and reliability are lacking, not to mention the lack of willingness to manage the loyalty card on hand, explore nearby businesses and available items, or buy things using the app.

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Even though such elements may not be necessary for every customer loyalty program, they may significantly boost the visual brand experience.

Fortunately, there are some outstanding mobile-based reward programmes:

H&M’s customer loyalty program is an excellent example of a totally digital loyalty program centred on a mobile app. Users of the app may quickly earn points and use them for prizes, receive personalised promotions and deals, benefit from free online returns, birthday deals, and unique shopping events, or even purchase now and pay later.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program is also extremely impressive. The process is simple: it’s a freemium, tier rewards program in the United States and Canada that enables you to accumulate points on all transactions and then redeem them for prizes. Its app, on the other hand, is one of the finest in the business.

Users of the app can benefit from a variety of features, including getting unique access to trailers and special offers that aren’t available anywhere else, finding a store, verifying if an item is available, maintaining the loyalty program handy while trying to shop, personalising a simulated makeover and adding “tested” goods to their wishlist, and receiving suggestions based on specific beauty characteristics.

However, the mobile-based reward programme established by Zabka Polska is particularly appreciated. Its main focus has been on making shopping easier, as well as developing “the store of future” – and its website or mobile app is an important component of that notion. In essence, app users may accumulate points while shopping, take advantage of preferred rates and customised offers that are automatically redeemed for them, and explore all local businesses, including their opening hours and services.

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