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Who offers the best restaurant loyalty programs in India?

loyalty programs


In India, loyalty programs are becoming as common as the notion of selling. The process of selling and acquiring is no longer limited by location or physical presence. Why should they be limited in their ability to collect and use loyalty rewards? The typical consumer is rapidly gaining access to the flexibility of claiming advantages across locations, platforms, sectors, and types of purchasing.

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However, omnichannel consumer analytics combined with cutting-edge loyalty program systems save the day. They harken back to the good old days of retail’s ‘intimacy.’

It’s time for loyalty marketing programs to shift away from the “least common denominator.”

Let’s understand some of the best restaurant loyalty programs:

1. Zomato Gold and Zomato Treats

There are two distinct loyalty programs here. Zomato Gold is only available for dine-in. There will be no deliveries or take-out. At participating outlets, you may enjoy 1+1 free meals or 2+2 complimentary beverages. It will set you back approximately Rs.1300 each year. Even if you just eat out once a month, it’s well worth it. To gain an additional month, enter the code ‘TURNTO’ at checkout. 

Zomato Treats, on the other hand, is a home delivery programme. For Rs.249 each year, you get a dessert buffet or drink at participating restaurants. In most cases, the charge is repaid in two orders.

2. Dineout Plus

Dineout Plus is a unique rewards programme. They’ve partnered with several fine dining establishments, and most of them give a 25% discount. So although the annual cost of Rs.5000 is a little high, it may be suitable for some. To avail of these savings, you must book reservations using their app.

3. Eazy Diner

Another app for hotel reservations is Eazy Diner. However, two distinct traits distinguish it and figure out what works: 1. Great Deals. There are 50 per cent discounts on a variety of eateries. 2. Earn JP Miles with each meal. Simply go to your account and change your JetPrivilege number. And if you use a credit card that earns miles, you’ll save a lot of money on every meal.

4. Mr Mint

Everyone enjoys a mint after a meal; therefore Mr Mint is a distinctive rewards program that allows users to collect points (mints) at participating restaurants. In addition, they may use the mints to redeem incentives at participating restaurants and cafés.

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Every transaction or visit can be electronically imprinted with the cards. The points earned can later be redeemed for a prize or a discount.

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