Platform As A Service

Platform As A Service

October 12, 2022 2023-08-24 12:36

Platform As A Service

PaaS helps developers and business owners focus, without having to worry about infrastructure and operating systems.

platform as a services

Join the PaaS Revolution

  • PaaS allows you to eliminate the expense and complexity of buying and managing software licences, the underlying application infrastructure and middleware, container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, or the development tools and other resources.
  • It reduces the scope of a developer’s work by hiding the underlying compute, storage, database, operating system, and network resources required to run the application.

Envision it. Grow it. Own it.

Why should your business switch to PaaS

Customer has his/her own cloud

PaaS provides its customers their own cloud.This platform includes computing, memory, storage, database and other app development services. PaaS solutions can be used to develop software for internal use or offered for sale. PaaS technology offers a company virtual infrastructure, such as data centres, servers, storage and network equipment, plus an intermediate layer of software, which includes tools for building apps.

Better Control Of Data

PaaS platforms mostly offer access to a wider range of choices up and down the application stack— including operating systems, middleware, databases and development tools—than most organisations can practically or affordably maintain themselves.

Scalable as per demand

PaaS is not only used to offer ease in the processes of application development and deployment, but it can also improve the scalability in the best possible way. This can aid the businesses to customise and or scale their processes more efficiently and easily.

Customisible User Interface

PaaS providers have user interface dashboards that provide a visual description of the current deployment. This allows teams to better see and grasp the layout of their live microservice deployment.It also provides a user-friendly user interface (UI) with advanced features that boost the experience of both business users and IT teams.

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