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5 Ways you can ask your customers to review your online Kirana store

online kirana store


One of the most effective customer engagement and retention techniques nowadays is to ask for client feedback because internet reviews may be pretty beneficial to your business, especially when you own an online Kirana store.

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They aid in the development of your internet reputation, give a strong brand validity, and offer the type of social evidence required to sway customer behaviour.

More feedbacks are preferable to fewer reviews – unless the bulk of your feedbacks are bad. But, then, possessing several comments is far preferable to having none at all.

One of the essential variables impacting a company’s local SEO success is reviews.

online kirana store

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5 Ways you can ask your customers to review your online Kirana store

From this standpoint, learning how to approach consumers for feedback for your online Kirana store and ensure a continuous flow of more admirable reviews makes financial sense. After all, if you’re currently providing excellent customer service, they’ll gladly recommend you. Simply said, all you must do is request. This is frequently the most effective approach to increase the number of reviews.

Regardless you start with zero or a thousand reviews, the online review management strategy works. Requesting customer evaluations — as long as you’re not being excessively pushy or asking for compensation — is a technique that may help your online Kirana store of all shapes and sizes.

So, how can you get in touch with your consumers and request a review? The keys to success and recommended practises and strategies are outlined here to assist you in achieving the best outcomes and reaction rates.

1. Request feedback through email

Review invitation email campaigns are one of the most successful strategies to produce new reviews. Customer surveys are commonly used in these initiatives. At times, the internal email is considerably more explicit and short, with a link to a page where the receiver can leave a review.

Email must be at the peak of the famous list of networks if you’re just starting up with asking for feedback. As per the customer reviews study, post-transactional review request emails account for up to 70% of all reviews.

Asking for evaluations through email allows you to link your recommendations to transactions, which adds legitimacy to your review.

Furthermore, email calls for reviews allow you to assess client trust and happiness and recognise consumers who are more inclined to promote your company to others than those who aren’t.

2. SMS Requests for Reviews

Did you notice that smartphones account for 56% of all internet reviews?

It’s not hard to figure out why. Shoppers may now connect with companies and submit evaluations directly from their tablet or smartphone, thanks to the age of vocal recognition typing and Twitter post reviews.

Users are most active over the phone and respond to text message polls or review requests if you deliver them via SMS. Texts are much more feasible and open at a rate of 98 per cent, but email is generally read at a rate of 40 to 50 per cent. According to another study, 90% of Sms are viewed within three minutes.

To get a significant and good amount of reviews to your online Kirana store SMS method is a powerful one.

3. Create Landing Pages for Gathering Testimonials

More and more organisations and advertisers establish their dedicated review landing pages to create new reviews, better their business customer service initiatives, and collect essential reviews. It’s a great approach to get customers to speak out about their negative experiences. These landing pages may be aided by using review generating / local SEO tools, poll questionnaires, an integrated reviews plugin on your online store — or you can create one from yourself. Consider potential touchpoints where you can most successfully bring clients to the page once you’ve put it up. You may also send a link to the page on your social platforms or send a polite note to consumers after a transaction.

4. Include a card in the products to get reviews

You may simply develop little cards that promote reviews using design software. For example, the message on the card might be something like, “Hope you enjoyed working with us?” Please write a review!”

“How did we do?” says the narrator. Leave a review at [link] to let us know!

“Did you get any feedback? We’d love to hear from you! You may write a review for us at [link].”

Or this can be done with the help of thank you cards sent in the delivery boxes to the customers’ place.

4. Include a review feature in your chatbot. 

With the help of using a chatbot, you really can create a poll right within the conversation limit so that only your buyers can submit reviews. This way can generate your online Kirana store with lots of reviews or feedback from the shoppers. This is beneficial for both. 

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There are several methods for soliciting reviews; however, the most successful approach and platform will vary depending on the type of business. A consistent supply of high-quality reviews is critical to your reputation, ranking, and, eventually, income. So, take these suggestions to heart and put a review plan in place as soon as possible!


Question-Why is it important to ask for business reviews?

Answer– Reviews is a bridge between your product and your customers. 9/10 people prefer to first check reviews of a product and services before making a buying decision. 

It also works as social proof and a sense of security for potential customers.

Question– What are the top 3 reasons to ask for customer feedback for your online Kirana store?

Answer– Businesses can make only more money if their customers are happy. But without knowing your customers and what they like or dislike about your product, you can’t make them happy, right? And here comes the role of asking for feedback or review for your online kirana store. Following are the top reasons you should always ask for feedback.

*It gives you an opportunity to learn what your customers like and don’t like

*You make your customers valued and involved.

*Feedback is the direction for constant improvement

Question: What is the main advantage of asking for a product review?

Answer: Product reviews are an essential part of the online marketing and branding perspective. Above all, reviews help your store in a few significant ways. 

Savvy shoppers never purchase a product or service without knowing how it’s going to work for them. 

The initial impression of your product review will be that it can make your future customers feel much more confident, which will help you increase your Online Kirana store’s online presence. 

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