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Curbside Pickups- the increased revenue for shop owners



Curbside pickups is a trending service nowadays which allows customers to collect their order from a feasible location instead of having them delivered to their homes. This facility has opened new avenues for various online stores. It has proved to be a safe one. It resembles buying online. The customer is not required to leave their vehicle. When the customer arrives, the sales staff reach the order out to your car. Various enterprise holders who decide to build online store do avail this facility to gather customers. There is a high rise in retailers offering curbside pickup option together with offline retail selling. At times of emergencies, this facility gains popularity and demand. This facility fills the gap between offline and online selling. 

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A wide range of choice gives the customers a zone for fulfilling their order together with the same attention and value as they would have got while shopping offline from the retail. Day by day, customers are graduating due to the various delivery and pickup options. Satisfied customers do turn up again and even spread word of mouth amongst their known ones. This system advocates the branding of the product and the loyalty of the customers. The products are handled very safely till it reaches the concerned customer. The goods are delivered timely hence adhering to the time utility. Customers can pick up their orders as per their time convenience from the desired location. 


Curbside pickup keeps both the retailer as well as the customer at an advantage. There are no shipping costs for the shoppers, and the cost of packing is zero or negligible. You need to confirm that the customer is happy before they leave, which reduces the chance of dealing with return shipping fees. This service is highly relevant at times of emergencies like pandemic when social distancing is highly called for. This is highly environment friendly as it cuts curbs pollutants caused by delivery and shipment. Another positive aspect of curbside pickup is that it has brought a tremendous change in customers’ outlook by introducing a transition in their buying mode and pattern. Indirectly they are supporting the local economy by enhancing the revenue for the shop owners. New job openings are created as more and more people are getting into this business. 

Give a thought to it:

If you are planning to build your online store, then you are at the right hit point. First, you need to arrange your resources and human resources. Owning a good parking space in front of your store for the customers to wait is an added advantage. Giving your customers an online shopping facility and curbside pickup, you can build customers and generate your deserving revenue.

How curbside pickups generate revenue for the shop owners:

a. Parallel selling:

Curbside pickups owing to online shopping adds more to the revenue of the shop owner. The shop owner sells goods offline and maintains online shopping facilities through his personalised app, website, or just a phone call from the customer.  With the help of both offline and online selling, the results are doubled and will be more effective.

b. New avenue for shop owner as well as a customer:

Due to various health issues or emergencies situations, retailers start online Shopify business stringed with curbside pickups for the convenience of the customers. It’s an advantageous arena for the shop owners to deliver the goods at a low cost, increasing their profitability and income.

c. More stock holding:

To meet the demands of the offline and online buyers, the shop owners have to purchase in large quantities that are economical and give a good payout. The varied variety of goods gives an impetus to the business finally landing into the heap of good profit and revenue.

d. Negligible expense on tertiary activities:

The expenses incurred on packing and delivery are relatively more minor. However, they seem to be negligible compared to the inflow of income also inspires the shop owner to continue with the same, giving them an incredible feeling.

e. Varied variety of goods:

Demand for a varied variety of goods leads to two-way benefit for the shop owner. Buying in bulk from different vendors leads to an increase in the list of commodities. The customers get allured and go for ordering more than their requirement. The ratio of other expenses to the number of goods is far less hence achieving high revenue.

f. In-car-Pickup gives a boost:

The ability of the consumers to get their orders at their car without stepping out minimises social contact leading to the hike in orders and income generation.

g. Availability of all essentials under one roof:

The availability of all essentials and things of daily use has propagated the sale of these shop owners. On receiving orders online, a time could be figured to despatch the goods. These essentials are ordered almost every second or third day. Their frequency cannot fall back because these are necessities of life. Hence the customer will feel highly convenient to get the goods without visit the store physically.  

h. Simple payment methods:

Various simple online payment modes enunciate buying as the customers feel at ease in selecting the products, placing the order and paying through hassle online methods. Moreover, cashless delivery helps promote more and more customers to opt to buy online and availing the benefit of curbside pickup.

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Curbside pickup is moving ahead towards success with every click. Lingering onto the impact of social distancing measures are likely to change the way consumers opt to shop. The workflow of the curbside pickup always plays a vital role in running your store offline and online. New ways to flourish the curbside pickup should be kept in the process. Remote purchasing and online payment ending in curbside pickup give a high-income generation to the shop owners.

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