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How To Start an Online Kirana Store Business?


The online Kirana store industry is flourishing in India, all credit to an audience of millions who prefer the ease of shopping for grocery delivery online with the help of their smart devices. 

It is one of India’s most considerable outstanding achievements in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector, which is expected to hit $100 billion in revenue by 2021.

The Indian online food sector is fiercely competitive, with numerous competitors vying for a piece of the $900 million pie.

However, this internet business provides numerous potential for smaller, individual performances that want to open their own online store to serve a more concentrated client base.

So let’s talk about how an online Kirana store business works.

1. Identify the target audience- 

 The first step involved in starting an online Kirana store is identifying the target audience. Natural products, vegetables, milk, beats and other basic food item staples, being profoundly perishable products have a restricted timeframe of realistic usability and a little conveyance range- if they are to be delivered fresh to other Kirana stores near my location. Thus you need to design your delivery set up in a like manner to ensure that the products ordered by your clients can be conveyed rapidly while keeping up the best quality. In addition, Distinguishing the dietary patterns and purchasing behaviours of individuals who stay in this zone is additionally similarly significant.  

It will empower you to distinguish which products sell quicker and spot arising patterns well ahead of time in this manner permitting you to quickly stock things ahead of time and limiting the opportunity of wastage.

2. Obtain a Business License- 

This is an integral part of the process of launching your online grocery store.  Obtaining the license and registering your business with a government that abides by all laws and rules is necessary. If you’re an individual, you can incorporate your business as a sole proprietorship or, if you have associates, as a partnership. Any authorised tax professional or a tax lawyer can assist you in completing the registration and associated GST formalities. This is a must-step to do an online Kirana grocery business so that the business workings and operation can go smoothly without any illegal issues. 

3. Set up a delivery system- 

The speed with which you can deliver groceries to your buyer’s desired destination or office is essential to the success of an online Kirana store. As a result, establishing an effective distribution system is a vital component of the overall startup process. In India, most clients demand same-day delivery, especially for food and grocery products, and any unwelcome latency in this market is frequently looked upon.

4. Decide on an e-commerce platform- 

The first step in setting up your own online store is to create an e-commerce website. You have two choices for how to continue with this. You can either use a traditional site, which will result in a complex and tedious process. On the other hand, you can also save time and resources by partnering with an experienced e-commerce network operator. To excel over the Kirana stores near my location– choosing an e-commerce platform for your grocery business is a perfect choice.

5. Focus on Marketing- 

If you want to be profitable with your online Kirana store, you’ll invest in good advertising. Your target group must be able to sense your store’s online presence. Your website can benefit from both on-page and off-page SEO. Make sure to use traditional marketing techniques such as distributing flyers, posters, and coupon pamphlets in your community. The most tried and true way of marketing discounts and special offers apart from these digital advertising has marked its importance to increase the reach of your store.

6. Focus on calculating investments and budgeting management – 

When deciding on a location, goods, vendors, and personnel, don’t forget to factor in your assets. For example, if you’re launching a small Kirana shop, you’ll probably have to restrict your options by hiring fewer people and stocking fewer items.

Destination, rental, inventory, and other amenities such as standalone stores or a neatly arranged air-conditioned superstore would all necessitate varied expenditure levels.

7. Build social media presence –

 If planning to build your online store, to do it successfully, it is a must to have a robust social media presence. All internet businesses must have a digital company. Then why are we leaving our supermarkets? You can use social media to advertise new bargains and promotions. It also allows us to communicate with customers and obtain reviews quickly.  In addition, you can develop engaging games or quizzes to learn more about your intended viewer’s psychology and serve them appropriately.

8. Make it a mobile-friendly store- 

The advantage that your online grocery store can avail over other Kirana stores near my location is making it a mobile-friendly platform for the customers. Online grocery buying is the latest trend in supermarket buying, and smartphone makes it simple. M-commerce is the newest craze in the business industry. This cutting-edge technology makes your work easier and also makes internet buying enjoyable. You no longer need to access your desktop to shop online. The smartphone fulfils the requirement. You may also use it without much difficulty from any place. Check to see if your grocery shop is mobile-friendly. Check it out on a variety of devices to ensure that it has a great appearance and feel.

9. Select payment method- 

Once you have finished building your online store and all other registration to promotion activities are aligned, it is the right time to focus on the execution part, i.e. the payment methods your store has to offer to the customers who are willing to place an order with you. The payment methods should be such which provides comfort and convenience to the customers. From COD to other online modes of payments should be provided. If you have a dependable doorstep distribution system set up, the best choice for collecting payments is to use the COD (Cash on Delivery) method. The cost for the things your deliverymen deliver can be collected at the time of delivery. This will also make a reliable cash flow for you from the start of your firm.

10. Store Scalability- 

 Although it may appear to be an extravagance, you will require this function in the coming years. Scalability is concerned with ensuring that software and hardware configurations are in sync. The efficiency of your online grocery store is influenced by elements such as inventory level, security mechanisms, and so on. In the long run, this will help you effectively manage all the grocery business operations.


The fast-paced existence of nowadays, heavy workloads, and long hours are just a few of the causes driving a rising number of individuals to purchase online.

For such customers, online purchasing is a highly suitable choice since it saves people time and exertion while buying groceries.

You can not only provide folks in your area with another handy online shopping alternative by launching your own online grocery business in India, but you can also reap the benefits and become wealthy in the process of setting up of online Kirana grocery business.

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