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Vocal for Local: How is Unizap supporting retailers with its e-commerce store builder platform

Vocal for Local How is NDHGO supporting retailers with its e-commerce store builder platform

In the wake of the worldwide epidemic and weeks of lockdown, India’s Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, encouraged the country to be “loud for local,” working toward Aatma Nirbhar Bharat encouraged all consumers to purchase and promote items manufactured in the country.

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With the lifting of the lockdown at various levels, a slew of new problems and complexity has developed, particularly in supply chain management. But online e-commerce store builder platforms like Unizap are helping retailers sustain!!

Companies and enterprises have been compelled to reconsider their strategy and develop new solutions due to the pandemic. Many companies took advantage of this chance to increase output and exports by emphasizing automation and digitisation as essential strategies. Read ahead to explore how Unizap is supporting retailers with its e-commerce store builder platform.

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Vocal for Local

‘Vocal for Local’ is a programme that provides local companies with a fantastic chance to enhance their position in India by boasting about their “made in India” mark of authenticity.

This relocation will catalyze us to improve our capacity to develop, manufacture, and distribute vast quantities of goods locally. A shift in Indian consumers’ purchasing patterns will almost certainly lead to a rise in demand. People are more willing to trust and respect companies that are made in their own country. 

We offer opportunities to local vendors to connect with us and create their online store and sell their products for free in simple steps and help them secure their regular offline and new online customers. In this marketplace, they can connect with customers, satisfy them with their products, and gain more revenue and customers.

With the increase in digital shopping or shopping from home at your convenience, this platform (Unizap- an online eCommerce store builder platform without any website) provides rescue and support to offline vendors or sellers to keep their businesses continue digitally. 

Consumers are no longer attending malls and retail centres as a result of their dread of the epidemic. Instead, the emphasis is on visiting stores in their immediate area. Consumers nowadays are only purchasing required things or have a list of items they wish to acquire, resulting in a decrease in impulsive purchases.

On the other hand, some municipal institutions are facing severe problems. We are a country with limited financial resources and cash flows.

We must capitalise on the current shift in customer mood and use this opportunity to prepare for future competition, which may become much harsher.

We think that every problem provides the opportunity to grow and learn. This time has taught me two important lessons during the previous few months. The first is that we must develop product creation to be relevant in today’s world. Reliability, sanitation, and safety have always been at the forefront of our minds. This will be a vital feature of any new goods we produce shortly.

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