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5 tips for building a successful restaurant loyalty program



2020 was a disastrous year for businesses in general, but particularly for eateries. COVID-19 has forced the closure of numerous struggling and even formerly successful restaurants. For those eateries that are lucky enough to make it to 2020 without shutting, it is vital to attract users and retain existing ones. One fantastic strategy to entice clients back in is to offer them a discount. A restaurant loyalty program is an excellent method to invite consumers back into your cafe once it’s suitable to do so. 

What is a restaurant loyalty program?

A restaurant loyalty program is a type of consumer loyalty programme established exclusively for restaurants and their patrons. Customer loyalty programmes track repeat customers’ spending and reward them with points that may be redeemed for merchandise. Discount rate meals, complimentary food items, and sometimes even invitations to exclusive gatherings and amenities, such as a champagne tasting or a famous chef visit at your cafe, are common incentives for restaurant loyalty programmes.

Let’s learn 5 practical tips to build a restaurant loyalty program. 

  1. On every visit, incentivise loyalty- Shoppers that have a customer loyalty programme are more inclined to purchase again, according to research. In addition, customers are more willing to lunch at a cafe in which they’re registered in a loyalty program over one where they are not. This is certainly relevant when a restaurant loyalty program continuously rewards them for each visit, either through the accumulation of credits toward a discount or the chance to claim a coupon after a set number of visits.
  2. Have your restaurant loyalty program easy to understand- Most customers are already aware of the notion of receiving cashback for their transactions, so there’s no need to explain it to them. Furthermore, because customers are more inclined to engage with your restaurant loyalty program because of their acquaintance, enrollment is quick and shows a positive user experience.
  3. Offer individualized experiences in addition to financial rewards- Coupons and benefits are appealing to customers. Still, personalized incentives and experiences, such as offering a free lunch on their birthdays, are even more so.
  4. Your restaurant loyalty program should include a mobile and online strategy- Customers prefer and expect to interact online with eateries. Through the internet and cellular system, this offers an outstanding possibility to boost client attraction and favourable. In addition, restaurants may collect preferences and behavior by having an online and mobile presence, allowing them to give the most satisfactory personalized service possible.
  5. Staff should be informed about the restaurant loyalty program- Motivate your personnel to inquire if guests are members of your restaurant loyalty program, and prepare them to speak confidently about the advantages.


Every good eatery and well-executed loyalty program is built on customer satisfaction visits. Therefore, it is essential to have a properly equipped and workable eatery POS system before incorporating a loyalty program. This will help your eatery grow.

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