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How does Unizap help you build a great Online Grocery Store?

How does NDHGO help you build a great Online Grocery Store


Planning to start your own online store? This does not surprise us. The eCommerce industry is booming, and current sales data show that 51 per cent of Indians spend more time online. So this is the best moment to get your toes wet in the world of eCommerce. If willing to learn and create an online grocery store, this article is for you.

We’ve put up a step-by-step manual on how to set up an online store for Unizap. To actively participate, you don’t need to be a technological wiz. We make it very easy for you to build an online grocery store without having to type a single line of code. Unizap is a prominent online store builder that simplifies the work of local merchants and allows them to take their grocery store online in a few simple steps.

Begin by deciding on a product line/category to sell or deal with.

If you currently have an offline business and want to turn it into an online store, the Unizaponline store builder has all the tools and aspects you need. It allows you to choose from several genres or types of online stores, and one such is an online grocery store– choose the stock you want to display to your customers.

Build online grocery shop/ website-

The second stage in the process is to use Unizap, an e-commerce store builder, to begin developing your own online grocery store/professional website. It provides a variety of tools for free to help you create a professional website. For example, your items may be simply managed, operated, sold, and delivered through the Internet.

Choose the templates-

It’s time to pick the design of your web portal once you’ve completed the second phase of the website creation process. Unizap has a variety of themes and layouts to select from. The business’s appearance should be such that it draws and appeals to customers, causing them to ignore and return to the store. The initial choice is always for something basic, easier to grasp, and stylish.

Make and show items in the catalogue-

Now is the time to develop and display products in your online grocery store. With Unizap’s online shop builder, you can choose from thousands of possibilities. As a result, it’s extremely easy to put your items in the store. Choose a product range and begin listing your items along with their pricing, and you’re done. The presentation of items should not be complex; it should be readily divided into categories so that buyers can quickly discover the things they want.

Add numerous payment choices-

Once the items have been presented, the sellers or suppliers may quickly add additional payment methods using the Unizap online store builders. When consumers begin placing orders, they will be sent to the payment page, where they can choose the method of payment as per their preferences or choices., which includes e-wallets, card payments, as well as cash on delivery.

Connect the delivery partner –

After the payment choices have been decided, Unizap invites the merchants or store owners to select the ideal delivery partner and connect it to their account for quick and straightforward deliveries to customers’ doorsteps. The delivery partner should be dependable and offer a fast and cost-effective delivery service. Here at Unizap, we provide you with the most excellent delivery services and link you with them.

Begin marketing and promotion-

Now is the time to begin promoting and marketing your online business and the items you want to sell. When it comes to achieving a robust online grocery store, attracting more consumers and spreading the word about the new online company items are perishable. With the aid of Unizap, the largest online marketplace, you may sell and advertise your business through various social media platforms.


People have become more innovative as technology has advanced, and they have begun to work online. Customers have been shopping online at the same rate as businesses, local shops, and suppliers have started selling and increasing their items online using an online store builder. Unizap helps you and your grocery store take it online and help you build a successful one.

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